Newly dyed hair!

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    Now I'm done at the hairdresser! You who follow my hairdresser Monica on Periscope (@msmonicawerner) or on her Facebook page Hairdresser Monica Werner has probably seen a bit already when she filmed live directly from the salon as well :)

    The hair color now has a milder, cooler tone, and we have "prepared the colors" to be able to bleach the more light pink at the beginning of the summer and have a better starting position then.


    Fint va? :) No big change but I love the tone of the new color!

    Starting position
    As I mentioned yesterday, I have been eager to get a little brighter, but still in the pink direction. When my previous bright pink color released in the shower, the tone became more pastel pink, which I liked! I think the tops of my color were great before.

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    So this time we decided to make my current color a little softer, cooler and more pastel, and bleach the more light pink next time instead because then both the base color and the lengths would have better conditions to look good.

    The base color
    There was still quite a lot of darkness left from the previous outgrowth coloring, which made my outgrowth now lighter, then came a "band" with darker red color and then it became lighter again. So the previous primer must be washed out even more first before we can lighten the hair.

    So she chose a tint for the scalp that will be washed out faster, and in addition it is a violet red color mixed with a cold brown so that it is not quite as bright red as we usually are. So the next visit to the hairdresser, my rat-colored outgrowth will not be a bit marked as now and then you can lighten your hair even more.

    Monica also put some loops in a light coral color at the front closest to the face, it is a color that for some reason (premium for little me) lightened up the hair a bit without being a bleach. So the fringe has become a little lighter than before as well, not much but a little still makes a big difference I think :)

    The lengths
    The rest of the lengths we dyed with a pastel pink shade, it was a little difficult to attach to the tops but the whole hair got a nicer cooler pink tone which I think is incomparably nice! More "well-thought-out pastel pink" instead of "washed-out bright pink" hehe.

    Yellow loop as a test
    Monica was very eager to mix in some yellow loops, which I was a bit cowardly for haha. But we did a loop as a test to see if I want to do more next time or if we should just color it off then. But also to test how easily the hair is lightened (as it is a color that also bleaches a bit) which it did very easily so it is also good to know before the next coloring when we will lighten more.

    In other words - There were four different colors in total! And since the growth will be softer the next visit to the hairdresser and the whole hair has a milder pink tone, it will be a nicer result in June then when we (if we stick to the plan) will bleach the hair first and then put on a pastel pink color again :)


    Here you can see the light, pink color in the lengths a little better!

    And do you also see a tiny glimpse of the yellow loop, do you see? It is barely visible when it is mixed with all the pink hair, but then I see partly how it will be on my hair but also how it changes after a shower a few times :)


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    And here you see the fringe color against the darker toning of the scalp, much lighter :)


    What do you think? :)

    On Monica's new website so you can do an online consultation before you book an appointment with her, to know what is possible to do with the hair, how much time you should book in and how much it will cost.

    Hugs are! ♥

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