Gala, event, make-up job and cow kit

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    I often wish my days were a little more interesting so that I could blog about it too, because I understand that it's fun to read about a bit of that too and not just makeup tips and products.

    So now that I have actually done a lot of stuff the last few days, I thought I would take the opportunity to write a bit about it :) Hope you think it's a little fun!



    On Wednesday, the Finest Awards were on the schedule!

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    Super fun that we were a small "beauty gang" that was seen before, me, Hiilen, Mathias and Caroline. Bloggers understand each other so well, and especially when you also blog about the same things!

    There was a lot of make-up talk, I can tell you about :) Among other things, everyday problems such as opening the door when you are Halloween-made-up with bullet holes in the forehead that Helen had been through haha!



    Last Thursday I first worked with the blog and webshop all morning, you were just tired after the gala but it was just a bit of a bite :) And then it was off to Stockholm again at an event with Björlings Massageakademi, they presented the new oil Me Anima but in addition, you could also take part in various treatments such as spraying, cupping and fillers.

    I was there with Annika Söderlund who does permanent makeup Creative Make Up. She did not do any treatments on site, it requires a lot of focus, but we talked about the salon, answered questions and showed pictures!

    It was not a big event but it was a lot of well-known faces even for me who does not have much control over people, including Tilde Fröling, Carin Da Silva and a blogger that I love - Daniel Paris!

    When the people started moving home, Annika took the opportunity to try a treatment - facial acupuncture :)


    I took the opportunity to take a close-up of her when she lay down, do you see her nice freckles? They are tattooed !! Annika is completely unmade up in the picture.

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    Here she is lying with all the needles on her face, and I was standing next to her, watching haha. I did not dare to test myself when I heard that they went about one cm down into the muscles! Uncomfortable! But certainly great, I have very tense jaws so should really try :)



    You could also conjure away the worry wrinkle in the forehead that Jeanette in the picture did. ”I need my wrinkles"I said,"they are so good to test products on" Lol. If you are a beauty blogger, you are :)


    I came home at half past one at night, and then it was just up and jumping again at 5 in the morning, after 4 hours of sleep. Then it was off to Arlanda!


    I was staying in a conference room at Terminal 5, oh what you got the urge to go abroad then!

    I would mainly pamper the SAS staff's eyebrows, but also had some products with me to show and give some make-up tips to those who are wondering. And that was what attracted me the most too, I plucked the eyebrows of ONE person haha, then it was mostly make-up talk and try out colors. But it was nice too :)

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    A bit messy picture maybe, I took a photo quickly before I would put everything together, and then had a lot of testing and stirring among the products :)



    And today I got a break from all the glamorous and superficial, and celebrated my grandmother's birthday out in the country! I love beauty, but have to step on a bit of cow shit sometimes too to feel good haha :)

    And after that I have mostly just cleaned here at home in the apartment, I am both good at messing up and cleaning, so it usually evens out, but now that I have barely been home I have only cleaned so it looked like a bombing here! Terrible!

    The hall is full of goodie bags (with scattered contents lying on the floor), clothes everywhere after all the changes and the dining table full of make-up and new products and packages that Miska has been kind and picked up when I have not had time.

    But you can have worse problems haha. New tag tomorrow! Now I'll probably go to bed I think, damn so nice :)

    What do / have you done this weekend? ♥

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