Gift Tips Father's Day

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    Jag wants to tell you about a skin care series for men that may be suitable now for Father's Day! I do not really like when products are gender-oriented like that, skin to skin, but there are a few other scents that also come into play, so I understand the principle. The series is news from the skin care brand L300 which contains rikligt med active moisturizers that are found naturally in the skin!

    L300 is available at various pharmacies e.g. : )

    This is a perfect gift on November 9th if you know a dad who is careless with skin care, many who do not put on make-up do not get into skin care routines as easily (which we get thanks to the fact that we wash off the make-up every night) so many become careless with skin care and uses e.g. hand soap to wash your face. It hurts in me every time people tell me they do so haha!
    But then you can surprise with this series that contains both face wash, shaving gel, after shave, face cream, shampoo / shower cream and a deodorant:

    I use this shaving gel when I shave my legs, super good!

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    One of Miska's favorites is the deodorant which is great!

    Hugs are!

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