GlóBrow Collection - Eyebrow Kit

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    Today I filled in my eyebrows with an eyebrow kit from Glo Minerals!
    It is available for purchase Creative Make Up.
    Everything comes in such a nice little package.
    Perfect storage + to give as that gift!
    Contains Brow shadow palette, brow templates, brow shadow brush and one brush to straighten the hairs. (Best brow brush ever!)
    And a tweezers and one brynguide which is not in the picture!

    Absolutely perfect brow palette!
    At the top Brow shadows, a dark and a light.
    Bottom Brynvax to get the hairs to lie where you want, and one highlighter to have under the brow.
    Very nice!

    What I first wanted to test are these brow templates which comes with.
    Have never tried filling in the brows using a template before, but it's perfect for
    those who e.g. have a hard time getting both eyebrows alike!
    An extra plus is the guides on the template. Explains more about them further down in the post.

    My eyebrows before filling.
    All templates were a little too long for me, but they are divided into two parts so it does nothing when you can take one piece at a time.
    I started with the inner part of the template, laid it as the shape of my eyebrows is, and filled in up to the highest point of the eyebrow.
    And then put the template as I wanted it in the outer edge, and filled in there in the same way.
    Became very sharp at the beginning of the eyebrow. Otherwise a nice shape right away!

    Erased out the edges a little in front to get a more natural look.
    The "rules" for how an eyebrow should be made up consist of 4 guides which starts from the nasal wing.
     The beginning - From the nose wing straight up, where the brow should begin (which it does not for me, but the picture is a bit crooked a bit too)
    Highest point - From the wing of the nose, through the pupil. That is where the highest point of the brow should be.
     The end - From the nostril and and just at the outer corner of the eye. That's where the brow should end.
    Height start & end - Straight to the side from the lower point of the eyebrow at the beginning (90 degrees) where the height of the outer edge should be.

    This is a good help method when you have to "sculpt" your eyebrows. But if your eyebrows do not match the lines, do not put energy into changing it if you are really happy.

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    Everything is a matter of taste!
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