Gold glitter that is easy to apply

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    Now this year's party period has started!

    There are a lot of Christmas tables and events to liven up the autumn / winter darkness and in addition, it will soon be both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve;)

    No matter how you like to put on make-up, light / dark / colorful / earthy tones, etc., there is a simple trick to quickly make your make-up more festive - glitter!

    In my webshop we sell the popular brand Pixi (completely crazy how big it has become in Sweden in recent years, when I included it in the range, most people had not heard of Pixi yet. Great fun!) and Pixi has such a heavenly good liquid glitter called Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights:

    About glitter:

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    The golden hue is outgoing!
    Today I want to strike an extra blow for the golden hue Sunray as it is out of Pixi's range but has still been in stock so we could order for a while longer.

    This glitter is available in several shades but the bright Crystalline and this golden Sunray are my two favorites as they work for exactly every single make-up! So I'm very sorry that Sunray will disappear, but that's it :)

    The cream is transparent and contains gold glittery grains. It dries quickly and sits great until you wash it off!

    The packaging is like a lip gloss, ie a sleeve with applicator sponge in the cork.


    Areas of use
    Since the cream itself is not colored, it can be used for everything, apply on top of your eye shadow (even dark or colorful works well), dab a little in the corner of the eye for light glitter, put as a line over your eyeliner, or why not sweep on the eyebrows for glittery eyebrows? :)

    So you do
    The applicator in the cork gets a very reasonable amount of glitter cream and I often use it straight on the make-up, possibly that I sometimes scrape off a little on the edge before. But sometimes I want more precision, e.g. if I am going to apply as a line over my eyeliner or if I want just a tiny bit somewhere, then I take a separate brush and apply with it.

    But otherwise it's just to put on, it attaches immediately and dries quickly, it's so easy!

    LINK to the glitter in my web shop: Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights ♥

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    Check out the other colors too, you will not regret it! :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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