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    Just a few minutes ago I was asked if I could make a post about how to make a good-looking person wing when applying liquid eyeliner.
    Absolutely :) I wrote a very detailed post about this before, and since surely many more have stumbled in afterwards and missed this, I simply publish it again!
    So you have something to read while I do today's makeup;)
    I use one Cake eyeliner from Kryolan.
    It is a hard "cake" that is mixed with water (much like ordinary watercolor)

    And one very narrow brush with long shaft.
    Good products is a great advantage! I have tried a lot of different eyeliners, but it is this "cake shape" that I think is the best (as long as you also have a good brush)
    But my main tip is practice, practice, practice! Test before washing off your make-up in the evening, so you do not have to go around with a failed eyeliner during the "practice period" (it is however, more difficult with mascara on, so you can wash first and then again, then that is a plus)
    Here's how I apply my eyeliner, step by step:
    1. Dip the brush in water.
    Mix with the cake eyeliner.
    I prefer quite a lot of water as I think it is easier to get a smooth line then, but not for a lot because then the color will not be as strong.

    4. Apply a black lashliner. (Between the lashes) to avoid the gap that can occur between mascara and eyeliner.
    3. Paint the eyeliner from the center of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.
    Make sure to follow the French edge at all times.
    You can get a fairly large space between the lash line and the eyeliner without it being visible from the front. Check out the pages too!
    5. Paint the eyeliner all the way to the corner of the eye.
    Some say that you should not pull all the way in, as it gives a more sad expression.
    But in my opinion, this mostly applies to eyeliner pens and the like that are not so sharp. If you do not put the eyeliner all the way in, I just think it does not look finished.
    But it's a matter of taste!
    6. Paint a wing on the outside of the eyeliner.
    My best wing tips:
    • The wing should lift the eye naturally, so you do not see a nice eyeliner and then oh now something is coming up here! ”
    • If the wing just looks like a "weird thing sticking out" try drawing a new line from the wing tip to the beginning of the wing (before the eyelashes end) and makes a softer more rounded line.
    • Do not paint it too far out, so that it first goes down, then up. But let it begin before eyelashes stop, and finish where eyelashes end.
    • To know in which Angle you should paint the wing, then you can imagine an extended line in the same direction as the lower lash line. That you follow the lower lash line and outwards.
    • Look at pictures when you apply an eyeliner! You may think that you understand exactly what it should look like, then when you stand there yourself with the brush in your hand, it is not always as easy.
    Other tips:
    • If you make a thick eyeliner and have quite small eyelids, so the whole eyelid easily looks black when you look straight ahead. Try to make as narrow a line as possible instead, and maybe even cheat on a larger eyelid with eye shadows (light shadow on the eyelid and on the globe line, and a new fake globe line over the real one with a darker shade)  
    • Has one a lot of skin on the eyelids, it can "fold" where the eyeliner is located. Then you should ignore the "right angle" to paint, and place the wing so that it looks good instead.
    • Do you feel handsome in the form you paint, it is usually (in my opinion always) right shape!
    Much is difficult to explain in words
    but hope you understood everything! :)
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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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