Guide - Attach glitter to your makeup

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    If you buy a loose glitter and think that it will be possible to use with regular eye shadow primer, you will be disappointed. An eyeshadow primer is a cream where small, small pigments adhere very well, but larger glitter grains will fall off as much as it gets stuck and in the end you have glitter all over your face.

    I use Kryolan Cake Liner Sealer to attach glitter, here is a step by step description of how I do!

    Different products to attach glitter with:
    First of all, I thought I would go through different types of products to attach glitter with, so that you can more easily understand why I think Kryolan Cake Liner Sealer is so flexible!

    Glitterprimer - An extra sticky primer that makes glitter adhere properly. Works great (depending on the brand) but I do not think it is completely optimal if you want eye shadow under your glitter (and it is usually the type of makeup I do) then you first apply regular primer, then eye shadow, then glitter primer and then the glitter - and you have to be very careful to get an even result because you put a sticky cream on top of your eye makeup.

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    Fixing mist - I have also tried to use a regular fixing mist and it actually attaches very well with one but the durability is not so good. The glitter releases easily if you happen to access it during the day.

    Lifehacks - There are also some tips that pop up in the flow of social media from time to time that I recommend that not make use of. For example. attach glitter with hair spray, of course it works but the skin really does not feel good about it! You can also attach with a little hair wax but it is also not tested to use so close to the eyes, it is such a sensitive place and not at all fun to get reactions! So be careful with all these tips :)

    My tip: "Multi use liquids" - There are also different liquids with several uses that can be used to attach glitter, mix with cake eyeliner, mix with eye shadow, etc. and that type of product I prefer the most when it comes to glitter! You just moisten the brush, dip in the glitter and then you can dab on just a little or completely opaque, the glitter sits like a charm from morning to evening and it is easy to apply over other eye shadows without the risk of sabotaging the makeup underneath. So whether you just want a few glitter grains over your eye shadow, a full-coverage glitter bomb on your eyelids or a glitter eyeliner - this way works great.

    However, some of these liquids contain a lot of alcohol and then my eyes tear a lot because they "sniff" in the eyes. But Kryolan Cake Liner Sealer is gentle on the eyes and does not irritate anything at all. And I like that the packaging is a bottle with a spout as well. So good! Best I tested!

    How to use:

    1. The packaging is a small bottle with a spout which makes it easy to dispense out = does not waste the product and reduces unnecessary smudges. I usually take 1-2 drops on the back of the hand.

    2. Dip the brush into the liquid. I usually want it moisturized, not completely wet but it must not be too dry because then the glitter does not stick to the brush later.

    Choice of brush
    Which brush is best depends entirely on what you want for results, I usually use a little different:

    Comprehensive - A flat and compact brush that can dab on a large amount of glitter at once, then you can build up a comprehensive glitter layer. For example. Nanshy Flat Definer.

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    Tunt - Most often I use eye shadows under the glitter that shines through and then you do not need a full layer of glitter but a little is enough, it is a nice effect if the eye shadow under shines through. Then I use a softer brush but it still needs to be a bit compact. For example. Nanshy Tapered Crease.

    Small areas - Nanshy Pencil Brush is absolutely perfect for applying glitter on small areas e.g. in the corner of the eye or under the eye! It is compact with a rounded, narrow top.

    Eyeliner - An ordinary eyeliner brush works brilliantly to make a comprehensive glitter eyeliner! Nanshy has both a regular straight, Nanshy Eyeliner, and a little bent, Nanshy Bent Eyeliner, which some find easier to get precision with.

    3. Dip the brush into the glitter, I usually dip straight into the bottle, but you can also pour a little on a kleenex napkin or toilet paper if you prefer.

    Tip! Do not dip the brush more than necessary, it is better to just have a little glitter on top and dip more times than to have too much on the brush. If it falls under the eyes when you apply, it means that you have too much glitter on the brush. I never put loose powder or hold a napkin under the eye as protection, because nothing falls down when I apply anyway.

    4. Then just apply! Use dot movements with the brush. The glitter attaches immediately, the liquid dries in a few seconds and then it stays superb all day.

    Here above you see a thin layer where I applied with a soft brush (Nanshy Tapered Crease) which means that the glitter is not completely opaque. Should this be on an eye makeup, the eye shadow will still be visible underneath. This is the technology I myself use the most.

    Tip! You do not have to dab a lot of glitter at all on your make-up, it is easy to pull on a full-covering layer which is very nice but can also result in the make-up feeling for glittery and in addition it is not as quick to get even and nice if it is a whole cake with glitter. Add a little at a time and see what you think, just a few glitter grains on your eye shadow are great and give a lot of effect immediately!

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    Tip 2! If you are going to do a full-coverage glitter make-up with faded edges, you can use a flat and compact brush on the eyelid and then in the fading you use this technique where the grains end up more sparse from each other. Because you can not erase the edges of the fade as with a regular eye shadow, so then this technique becomes instead of a fade :)

    Here you also see that you can make a solid line like an eyeliner! I find it easier to make a glitter eyeliner than a regular black one.

    If you have a good product to attach glitter with, it really is the fastest and easiest way to liven up your make-up - both for everyday and for parties! It is also great to "save up" a make-up if you are not completely satisfied, everything will be nice with glitter on;)

    Hope you were inspired and that the post was helpful!

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    Helena Amiley
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