Hairdresser Monica Werner

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    Monica Werner, with whom I have made many collaborations on photography (I make up, she styles hair) and who also fixes my hair regularly now, has just moved from Frisörerna and opened her very own salon!

    Now you will find her on Höganäsgatan 4A (the intersection Höganäsgatan / Storgatan), Miska and I were there at an open house yesterday and it's really so nice :)


    Cool interior design style with rivets on both the hairdresser's chairs and the shampoo! Super nice and still bright and stylish, me like :)

    And the light is as good as it gets, they have really put a lot of work into it, which I as a customer really appreciate. So bad with bad light in hair salons, that you kind of have to look at the color at home to see exactly what it looks like. But the light in her new salon is really awesome!

    That's what I like about Monica, she is a very modern hairdresser who thinks about all the technology around as well, she even has a photo studio in the salon where she can take really professional and nice pictures of the customers to post on the website and Social Media. That's what I love, skare va so skare va properly :)

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    Sneak a bit when she books in a customer, with her initials MW behind her :)


    Miska test low the shampoo that got clearly approved.


    Until he realized that it was Niklas who was standing by the shower hose;)


    So how fat is not this then, the worst studio with a lighted background that gives a completely chalk white background in all pictures!

    Of course I had to test it and forced Niklas to connect my camera to the studio instead;)

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    Me and super nice Monica ♥

    How common is it with such a well-thought-out and professional hair salon? Super fun to be able to see really good pictures of hair that she has done, with the same light in all the pictures, really awesome!

    However, both Miska and I were super mega tired after the weekend so we did not last long. We had a car and after some shopping, Miska dropped me off at my mother's while he visited his nephew for a while. And the last thing he said was "do not forget to put the ice cream in the freezer", Guess what I did;)

    After a power nap, which happened to be for several hours, I woke up to Miska coming home and cooking super good taco gratin, and for dessert we ate ice cream that had both had time to melt and be frozen again while I lay on the couch haha.

    Today I feel a little more rested, and now I have to go to bed so that I have lots of energy to kick off the new week with tomorrow! :)

    Good night nice you!

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    1. Oh how nice it seems and understand that she is very good! I'll be studying to be a hairdresser next year actually, too bad I live so far away because otherwise I might have been an apprentice with her a bit! Because I'll be the best, that's my goal: D

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