Halloween - Mask makeup

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    On Halloween, many people wear costumes with a mask over their eyes, so here is a make-up with some tips on how you can think about when to do a make-up to wear under the mask!

    Det is about getting your eyes to pop even though you hide them so much, at the same time as you may want to be able to take off the mask and still look good.

    Here is such a make-up + 5 tips on what you can think of when you put on make-up!

    Tip 1 - Put on the mask and look straight ahead in the mirror, which parts of the eyes are very visible and which are hidden by the mask? In the areas that are clearly visible there, you can focus on e.g. is a specific color or similar that you want to include. In the areas that are hidden a bit, you need to lighten up so that they do not disappear completely under the mask, then glitter is great!

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    Tip 2 - Smokey eyes is a classic and great make-up for a mask, the main reason is that it feels quite mysterious which fits well, but also because the eyes become more intense and create more feeling in the whole which is great because the face loses much of its expression and emotions when putting on the mask. No one sees if you frown or the like, so then a pair of dramatic eyes can help on the stack.

    Tip 3 - If you do smokey eyes and have a black mask, it may be a good idea to leave some skin color between the soot and the mask. Because if you soot far out from the eye, the black eye shadow will melt into the black mask, especially if it is a little dark and shady at the Halloween party later, and then the eyes do not get the "popping effect".

    Tip 4 - If you want your eyes to look big, alert and open, I recommend a light eyeliner along the waterline that opens up the gaze more. But if you want intense eyes instead, I recommend a black eyeliner along the waterline, it creates a little more "suction" in the eyes.

    Tip 5 - There is no lip color that is wrong for a make-up with a mask, but I personally like colorful lips for this because it creates a little more balance in the face. Otherwise, all focus is on a large mask and very make-up eyes, there will be a little more harmony and balance with a color on the lips as well.

    The lip pencil is the one from Yves Rocher that I wrote about this morning!

    Black eye shadow, Paese Kashmir Matte Black Eyeshadow.
    Gold glitter, True Gold Glitter Eyeliner (unfortunately sold out)
    Black eyeliner, Paese Penliner.
    Mascara, Golden Rose Miracle Lash Mascara (in stock again!)

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    Hope you were inspired :)


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