Helena tips - Great product combo!

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    Now I want to tell you about a product combo from two different brands that I have received press releases on, both me and my skin really like these together! :)

    These are the products! A serum for acne and oily skin, an eye serum and a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. In the picture you see my skin right after the skin care routine with these products, very moisturized and ready!

    Miska looked at me pretty closely the other day and said "what nice skin you have!" so even he has noticed a difference :)

    My skin type
    Since all skin care does not suit everyone, I thought I would start by briefly explaining how my skin is, because it is quite important in why I think these products are so heavenly good together.

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    My skin is oily and has some pimples, but at the same time it is sensitive, easily turns red and can easily feel dry and tight after the skin care routine.

    The hard part for me is to find skin care that is sufficiently moisturizing and oily (oily skin needs oil) but without settling like a greasy surface on the face that destroys all the makeup or makes me wake up in the morning and look like I has a shiny mask on the face.

    But these products together make my skin feel moisture-bombed and at the same time clean and clear without pimples and or an oily film on the skin surface!

    Now to the products:

    HynE Anti Age Cream
    I do not start reviewing the products in the same order as they are applied, but want to start by praising the moisturizer from the new Swedish skin care brand HynE! The brand was started by Susanne Liljeberg who is one of the founders of the interior design chain GRANITS.

    HynE Anti Age Cream is a moisturizing skin cream with a large dose of hyaluronic acid that is bacterial and can bind water up to 1000 times its own weight. The moisturizer inhibits skin aging, gives a plumping effect on lines and should suit all skin types.

    In addition to hyaluronic acid, the moisturizer contains canola oil, glycerin, sunflower oil and rosemary.

    I'm a little tired of the definition "anti age", however, I must add, to explain that a product is good for older skin, etc. is of course good, but just that something is "anti aging" feels wrong, it is not wrong that it is visible on the skin that it has aged?

    Use & formula
    The moisturizer is a "24-hour cream" and can be used both morning and evening. The formula is a "gel cream" that glides on incredibly easily on the skin and is very thick, a little goes a long way. Above all, it goes nicely into the skin and even I who have oily skin can use quite a lot of cream (even if it does not needed) without worrying that the makeup will sit badly or the like. So I indulge in it and scoop on quite a lot of cream just because it's delicious! :)

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    Otherwise, it's a common problem for me, me must take very little of some moisturizers because if I take too much it destroys the whole makeup base. So I think it's very nice to be able to lubricate myself really properly!

    It smells very mild, basically nothing.

    I have been using this cream for about 2 months and my skin is in the perfect stage of incredibly moisturized but at the same time not too oily!

    As for the anti-age effect, I do not really have the right skin type to be able to determine wrinkles and lines, but the skin feels supple and fine while it is difficult to determine if it is because it is so moisturized and healthy or if it is just the hyaluronic acid that made a difference :)

    The only thing I am not a fan of are moisturizers in cans, because you should never have fingers in the cans and I am not so much for having to use a spatula.

    Here is a click on the hand!

    The moisturizer costs SEK 595 and can be purchased on the brand's own website hyne.se. The jar contains 30 ml.

    So it is not a budget mark directly and if I had paid for it myself I would have been a little more frugal when applying, I have used up half the jar already and usually also use it on the cleavage and love to scoop on a little because can ;) But financially, I can say that it is very expensive, a little goes a long way and will probably last a very long time if you are more frugal!

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    Now to the serum! In the morning I only use the moisturizer after cleansing and toner, but in the evening I supplement with serum before, one for the face and one for the eyes.

    Solution by Victus
    Solution by Victus is a skin care brand that focuses on skin care being simple but also giving results. There are very clear descriptions both on the website and on the front of the products. This is what the brand says on their own website: "Solution by Victus is a Swedish skin care series developed by cosmetic chemist Liliane Sallander together with input from Victus skin therapists and requests from a test panel consisting of beauty-interested end consumers."

    Solution by Victus Stay Away Serum
    I have been using the serum for acne prone and oily skin for about 2 weeks now and think it is so good! My skin has become clearer in a very short time and even though I still have some small pimples, it feels very clean and fresh.

    Product description
    “Stay Away is a deep cleansing serum that balances sebum production. The serum has an antibacterial effect and preserves the skin's moisture level without damaging or drying out the natural skin barrier. Stay Away is used both to counteract existing acne and to prevent the onset of new acne. ” it says on the website.

    The serum contains, among other things, salicylic acid, glycerin, vitamin A (Retinyl palmitate) and vitamin B (Niacinamide).

    Use & formula
    The packaging says that it can be used in the morning or evening, but I only use it in the evening because on the website it says that it should absolutely not be exposed to the sun and therefore can only be used at night. A little misleading message there, but it's about being able to use it in the morning if you're not in the sun, I think. But I have tested it under makeup in any case and it also works, if you are wondering about it :)

    The formula is like a thin gel oil that is a bit ... tough? I feel a little difficult to describe haha. But it sinks very quickly into the skin, kind of straight away! It does not feel very moisturizing, but you feel that you need a moisturizer afterwards.

    There are few products I experience that I get fast results from, but when I started to supplement the moisturizer from HynE with this serum underneath, my skin started to become clearer very quickly, the pimples became fewer and above all it feels very fresh!

    On the oiliness I feel no difference at all, but I never think that my oily skin will disappear so I would have been more dizzy shocked if it had created magic at that point hehe;)

    I asked Miska ”What do you think this smells like? I have a strange association and want to know how you feel”And we thought of the exact same thing, so sick, that it smells like a Finnish ferry haha! I do not know if the boats smell so much anymore but we went a lot with Silja Line when I was little, when you had to smoke on the boats and it smelled like spilled alcohol, snus and smoke in the bar.

    Now you think "waaah I do not want that in my face!" while for me it is a wonderful childhood memory haha. But then I want to add that 1. I do not think that everyone will think it smells bad and 2. the smell disappears immediately when you apply the moisturizer. It is as if it "steams" a little, but when it has sunk in, it disappears completely. So you do not walk around and sniff at this smell the rest of the evening :) So it is both negative and positive in the same!

    If you look at the list of ingredients, it contains a lot of alcohol, that may explain part of the bar association haha.

    A nice glass bottle with a pipette, I think nice!

    SEK 459 and is available for purchase on the brand's website solutionby.se and contains 30 ml.

    Here you see the consistency / formula a little clearer in the picture :)

    Solution by Victus For Your Eyes
    Eye serum, how luxurious? I have not cared so much about the skin around the eyes before, I have used eye cream of course but mentally just put on it without deeper thoughts. But now I feel more that the skin around the eyes is fun to take care of and care for a little extra! I kind of got craved for cooling eye masks and stuff :)

    I do not have problems with bags under the eyes but feel that the skin there is very thin and fragile, and have started to get some changes in the skin structure also with small lines and such. Absolutely nothing that bothers me though, I think it's nice!

    Product description
    “For Your Eyes is a caring serum developed for the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes. The serum moisturizes and minimizes fine lines. Appears on swelling and "bags" around / under the eyes. " it says on the website.

    Use & formula
    The serum has a light, thin and liquid formula that sinks in quickly! I apply directly with the pipette and gently dip in with my fingertip. Very nice to use!

    I do not have so many problems around the eyes that I see visible results in 2 weeks, but see this more as a long-term product that pampers the thin skin under the eyes.

    Also a glass pipette bottle and is half the size of the serum for the face.

    SEK 499 and is available for purchase on the brand's website solutionby.se and contains 15 ml.

    The consistency of the eye serum is a little lighter than the face serum.

    Summary - You should not mix brands anyway but these three products together work really well for my skin and I will use every single one until they run out! I will even mourn the moisturizer a little when it is over and realize that I should start to skimp a little haha. HynE will launch more products and I am already hungry for eye cream and lip balm from the brand!

    And both the brands in general I think feel like very high quality and fine ingredients, so regardless of skin type, I can recommend trying both HynE and Solution by Victus!

    Have any of you tested these brands? :)

    Hug you and have a wonderful Friday and weekend! ♥

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