H&M makeup

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Sister Linda showed me her H&M palette this weekend, and I fell in love! Very nice strong colors, even if you do not have a primer underneath.

On the make-up in the previous post, I used the blue colors at the top right!

H & M's make-up is actually not entirely a shame, I have noticed. Have been using their eyebrow pencil for a very long time now, and the palette was good too.
So also invested in one eyebrow fix, so you do not have to look like a caveman with rough eyebrows :)

Usually always spray hair spray on a brush (one sits on the lid of H & M's eyebrow pencil) and then comb the eyebrows with it. But then you have to wash the brush very often because it gets so hard. Then it's smarter with this one:

★. ★. ★. ★. ★.
Cheap and good. Both products get 5 stars from me!
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