Home spa before the evening's feats!

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Since we opened the salon almost 1.5 years ago, I have basically not been free at all to do anything fun. And there has been no need for me for that, but now I, Miska, my sister Mia and 3 other friends have actually booked a cruise this weekend! :) So fun!

And since we leave Uppsala around 3 pm, my first plan was to work at the salon until then. But even though we are completely fully booked and had to bring in extra staff, I am actually glad that I decided to drive a whole morning and morning free at home instead.

For the corner, you who also love beauty, surely it IS too wonderful to have a day off before with a really long time to get ready in peace and quiet? I'm not just talking about makeup now, but the whole get-together ritual of shaving my legs, listening to music in the bath, lubricating my whole body in a fragrant lotion, drinking a cup of coffee while blow-drying your hair, makeup to a poppy old tune. And then at last you stand there, rested, harmonious and thundering party-fixed and ready for a super fun evening! :)

And that's exactly what I'll be devoting myself to for the next few hours! Just cuddling around myself before I put my heels on the roof tonight.

Right now I'm waiting for Miska to fire ready (yes we have to fire to get hot water) so we can eat a cozy breakfast together then I will light scented candles and start my own mini-spa day!

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And tonight I'm going to dance, dance, dance! :)

I will definitely update some on Insta Stories, follow me there! @ Imakeyousmile.se.

Hope you all have a great Friday too, hugs to you ♥

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