In-house training for our makeup artists

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    We will get new staff at the salon soon, and I am currently writing "training booklets" but info about all our brands and products. I'm up to 10 pieces of A4 now and have not even done half haha :)

    But I'm really excited to get started, and all the preparation will give results!


    Write, write, write, write, write!

    We need to be more makeup artists in place here, the blog and webshop was a full time job for me (more than full time really) even before we opened the salon so it is impossible to take care of bookings and the store alone and at the same time keep the same standard on everything else. And the very concept of my store is that I only sell things that I myself love and can stand for 100%, some products I have used every day for several years, and test everything before we take it home. Every product must "qualify" in the store haha.

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    But I really do not see myself as a salesperson, I just inform and recommend products that I know work and then the customers get to choose for themselves :) And the most important thing for me is that my makeup artist colleagues feel the same, and above all have just as much knowledge .

    So now I put my soul and lots of gunpowder into getting our new girls really sharp! Both on the range and how to use the products in the best way, there is so much info that I have automatically in my head but which has required experience and diligent use of the products to come up with, e.g. that a primer from one brand becomes a perfect combo with a powder from another brand, etc.

    And even if I talk and show all the products, it is impossible to remember everything, I can talk for several hours straight and just grind on with all the info. And no matter how good a makeup artist you are from before, it is of course not possible to just jump in and start with brands and products you do not know much about. Then it is perfect with a booklet that you can study on before you start, but it takes time to write everything! :)


    I have such a gam-neck that I get pain in the neck and upper back if I sit at the computer at a regular desk for too long, so these reclining armchairs are pure miracle for me! It looks like you are sitting and relaxing, but you get more work done if you sit comfortably. They should have one like this in all offices, you can work for as long as you like without a break;)

    Now I will continue with my writing, and in a few hours a nice green smokey eye that I have photographed step by step will come to you!

    Kraaaam ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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