Isadora Flashing Volume mascara

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    What kind of eyelashes you like is very individual, I personally like separated lashes that look more natural than very painted, while many people like the slightly more extreme lashes.

    During the summer, I tested IsaDora's new mascara Flashing Volume mascara, it is quite difficult to work with and you have to test it a few times to get it, but it gives a little more extreme lashes for those of you who prefer it.

    This is how it is described on IsaDora's website:

    “Small magic brush. Fantastic lashes!
    • Unique hollow brush = gives double the amount of mascara on the lashes
    • Gives volume and an illusion of false eyelashes
    • "Plumping" effect - fills in the lashes to the maximum
    • Defines and separates each fringe
    • Moisture resistant

    The unique mini brush is hollow, which gives twice as much mascara on the lashes. In addition, the mini brush provides an accurate and simple application, especially in the corner of the eye. Definition and separation of each fringe. "

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    I can say that this is not a mascara for me, it has a lot of negative parts in my opinion. But at the same time, I think that people with long eyelashes who like a lot of effect will like it!

    1. The brush
    The mascara is difficult to work with as the spikes on the rubber brush are quite short and the hollow brush absorbs a little too much mascara at once. You want to be able to comb the straws more, but then there will be so much mascara so it just gets messy.

    2. Application
    A bit comical that the mascara is called "Instant WOW Effect Mascara", because when I tested it for the first time, I exclaimed "Hjääääälp!"  because I did not really know how to save the situation. So the mascara gets a minus for that. Instant-help-me-mascara, haha.

    But it was only the first time that luck was :) If you scrape off some of the mascara in the opening of the sleeve before and are a little careful when applying, the result will be quite good.

    It does not crumble, but it smears a little on the eyelids in this hot weather!

    4. End result
    The result will not be perfect in my eyes, but the lashes will be full and the volume, length and the final separation is not wrong :)

    However, I personally do not think that you should need Mecca so much with a mascara, it should just work!



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    How is the application?
    First time disaster, but you learn to deal with it.

    What do I think about the volume effect?
    The lashes get absolutely a lot of volume!

    What do I think of the definition?
    Once you get to that, the lashes separate very well, but the short spikes on the brush at the same time as there was so much mascara at once made it a bit difficult in the beginning.

    What do I think about the extension?
    Yes, I actually think they will stay longer!

    What do I think of the brush?
    Njaa, unfortunately so… Good ideas but on my lashes it did not work really.

    What do I think about mascara in general
    No mascara for me as I want it to be quick and easy to apply, but the end result is not entirely a shame.

    What grade would I give the mascara?
    I have a little hard to know if I should lift or these, because I think many will like the mascara with it probably depends on both the lashes and what result you are looking for. But I personally would probably give 3 out of 10 only.

    Would I recommend it to a friend?
    Yes to a friend who likes a more extreme and "voluminous" mascara look, but I had probably let the person test mine first and see what he thinks of it before he buys.

    What do I think is best about mascara?
    That it gives a lot of volume and a dramatic look :)

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    The mascara costs SEK 149 and is available at Åhléns!


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Have read a lot of negative comments about that mascara. And Isadora herself comes up with stupid excuses that it takes a week before the mascara settles in the package ..
      Very stupid to read!
      Never heard anything like it.
      Have you?

      • Haha, "it takes a week before the mascara settles in the package" was actually the strangest reason I've heard :) Where did you read it somewhere? As I write in the post, it is the brush that makes the mascara difficult to handle and that those who like mammoth lashes with more volume will surely like it. There is nothing wrong with the mascara cream and the packaging itself. My sister loves mascara :)

        • I read it on their facebook page. Some poor man was deceived. I myself boycott Isadora after being treated rather badly when I asked if their paint was redone.
          It is not possible to paint nicely with the varnish. It will be striped and flaming.

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