IsaDora makeup - Blue eyes

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    The day before yesterday, I showed an IsaDora make-up that highlights brown eyes, and yesterday green.

    Maybe you can guess what today's makeup was? :)

    The complementary color to blue is orange / yellow, as well as warm colors. Brown, gold, yellow, orange, copper and similar tones are what highlight blue eyes.

    IsaDora has a 4-palette called 63 Brown Patina which has an incomparably nice brown-gold eye shadow! Rather, it is a brown shade with lots of gold glitter in it, so much glitter that it almost only looks golden in the packaging. I stood in the sun and watched the make-up in the sunlight, and got a real wow feeling!


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    The shadow looks dull in the outer edges, it did not attach as much glitter there because I blurred the shadow so much so it kind of fell off. But it was still a bit glitter, not as empty as it looks in the picture :)

    isadora makeup-blue-eyes

    1. Foundation - Wake Up Make Up Foundation
    2. Rouge - Perfect Powder Blusher (42 Icy Rose)
    3. Sun powder (for shading) - Bronzing Powder (43 Terracotta Bronze)
    4. Eye shadows (which I used as eyebrow shadow) -Eye Shadow Quartet (20 Classic Brown)
    5. Eyeshadow Palette - Eye Shadow Quartet (63 Brown Patina)
    6. Kajalpenna - Coloromatic Eye Pen
    7. White eyeliner - IsaDora Inliner Kajal (50 Satin White)
    8. Mascara - Volume & Curl Mascara
    9. Lip gloss - IsaDora Multi Vitamin Gloss in shade 05 Mandarine
    10. Gold metallic eyeliner - Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pen (44 Golden Khaki)


    1. Golden brown eye shadow on the entire eyelid.
    2. The same shadow along the lower lash line and outwards in a cat eye shape.
    3. Blur the edges.
    4. Gold glitter / metallic eyeliner dabbed in the corner of the eye.
    5. Black eyeliner along the upper and lower rows of lashes.
    White eyeliner along the waterline.
    Finish with mascara and lip-gloss.




    Hugs are nice nine!

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