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Hi fine ni!

Hope you had a great weekend, I have! A perfect mix of work and relaxing :)

Last week I published a make-up made with IsaDora's news that I got a press release on. I also filmed the look at the same time, a bit "first impression" but without opinions because it is a fast-paced make-up and a film in just 1 minute.

In this make-up, I tested the goodies I got home in the new collections "Cover Up Foundation & Concealer" which came out in store week 41. And the look "Black & White - Go Monochrome" which came out in store week 40.

And in this post, I was going to publish the film, but also give some first impression opinions about the products! I have only tested everything once, so if you want a more detailed review of any of the products, shout out :)

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IsaDora has more autumn news this year, this is just one of all press releases. You do not have time to blog about the first before the next news comes haha. But it's a fun problem! :)


IsaDora Eye Color Bar in the new shade 02 Smokey Eyes (Limited Edition), so nice colors! In the eye makeup in the film, I have used the burgundy color the most (4th color from the right) and think it became more brown when you toned it out, which was a bit sad. But other than that, I am incredibly happy with the palette, really nice colors :)

Costs SEK 249


Here you see a swatch on the eye shadows.


IsaDora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer - a liquid foundation / concealer in a practical pump tube. 179: -

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Combined foundation and concealer. Covers irregularities such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, rashes and dull skin for a natural result. Full coverage with a pleasant feeling on the skin. A creamy soft and elastic texture that combines perfectly with the skin for a "second skin feel". Sits for a long time. Moisturizing and energizing. Makes the skin firmer and has a firming effect. Silky smooth finish. Suitable for all skin types

My first impression - After the first use, I got the urge to put this to the test a little extra, and will compile a more detailed review! But the first impression is that it is incredibly thick, easy to apply and looks good on the skin. I think it got a little cakey around the nose but it may be because I have to sit quite far from the mirror when I film and was maybe not so careful there. So no wow-feeling right away but I'll give it another chance!


IsaDora Matt Fixing Blotting Paper - a transparent powder that fixes foundation, absorbs oil, blurs irregularities in the skin for blurring effect and contains hyaluronic acid which raises the moisture level in the skin. I thought this would be a perfect powder for me with oily skin, just the name "blotting powder" makes me melt a bit haha, but it was a bit too "hard" pressed I think. I need quite a lot of powder on my face to get a good effect but it almost felt like you didn't get anything on the brush. Costs SEK 129


IsaDora Powder Brush - No brush for me, it is soft and smooth but does not feel fluffy enough to get up a lot of powder, especially not with blotting powder which is quite hard pressed. Costs SEK 129 img_7615_111

IsaDora Twist-Up Matt Lips in the new shade Blackout. Super nice and comfortable on the lips! It took a little longer than usual before it became dull on the lip though and a little hard to get even in color, but I still like it :) 129: -


IsaDora Kohl Kajal - cone-shaped eyeliner with soft texture and easy application. I'm not really for products like this in general, when you have used up the top, it is very difficult to apply instead. In addition, the formula is creamy for quite some time, which makes it easy to smear. So these were very nice for the make-up I did with them (seen in the film) but for a sharp white and black eyeliner I am skeptical that it will be good actually. But have not tried to do a sharp look with them. It costs 89: -.

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The Monochrome collection also includes two new lipsticks, three nail polishes and with the purchase of 2 products, you get a stylish black and white toiletry bag.

Have any of you tested these already? :)name logo

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  1. Hey! I'm looking for the best concealer. ;-) Feel free to write a post "best in test" on conealers! has tested helena rubinstein magic concealer lately and it was magical, but is happy to receive tips on other good brands.

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