Decorate your arms this summer!

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    As you know, I currently have a collaboration with Klockmaster at Forumgallerian in Uppsala, and today there is only one week left on the campaign! So now all of you can get a 20% discount on TRIWA watches no matter where you live :)

    I have found my style for the summer anyway - Nothing adorns the arms as nicely (and simply) as gold tattoos, nicely painted nails and a nice watch!


    I have become quite lazy when it comes to jewelry, I rarely have the strength to wear lots of bracelets, rings and knick-knacks, even though I think it is incredibly beautiful. So nice rubbing tattoos and a beautiful rose gold watch is the perfect way for me to spruce up my arms a little extra this summer :) And of course nicely painted nails and some tattoos on my fingers for that too, wonderful!

    And apart from the fact that it's nice to avoid the hanging jewelery that slides around, I have to admit that I have actually got a completely different view of this with a watch on my arm. I saw it before only as a super nice piece of jewelry, but the phase it is practical too!

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    My mother looked at me askance when I exclaimed the other day. ”So heavenly nice !! Now I do not have to bring out my mobile phone every time I have to check the watch, especially in social contexts as it feels like everyone thinks you check Facebook as soon as you pick up the phone. So heavenly smooth after all. What a pure invention this really is !!“Kind of like it was something new haha.


    Gold tattoos and gold watch, and my bright red nails also match the lipstick, well thought out;) Hard to get a nice picture of the tattoos though, they reflect the flash so much.

    Products I used:
    Clock - TRIWA Rose Lansen Chrono
    Tattoos - Lulu dk Tattoos (Blue Lagoon)
    Nail polish - Yves Rocher Gel effect Lacquer Rose Vif
    Lipstick - Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayon Tangerine intense


    The rosy tone in the watch is so heavenly nice to the hair color in the lengths as well. Monica who dyed my hair said the same thing "wow how beautiful your watch is for the hair!" the was not well thought out though haha :)

    So - enter "TRIWA Spring Campaign" at the checkout at Klockmaster in Uppsala (Forumgallerian) and you will get a 20% discount on Ivory Lansen Chrono and Rose Lansen Chrono, ie the rose gold watch I have in the pictures and the same model fixed in silver.

    Or shop online! click here to trade the silvery, and here to buy the rose gold!

    Have a wonderful day now everyone ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I also thought about how nicely the watch matched my hair. :) It really is a gorgeous color you have now.

      I wonder if you could help me with one thing by the way? I was going to try to curl my hair with curling irons and thought of wearing some protective product before. I already have a mousse that will provide protection against heat, but is it the best to use? Have previously tried to curl without products in and then the curls last about a quarter of an hour and I am constantly anxious that I burn my hair. Have fairly dry tops and get scared as soon as I hear my hair crackle a bit in the tongs. : p What do you recommend? I want to be able to have as beautiful curls as you and that last as long.

      • Cool! :) I think that Living Proof's heat spray is the best, easy to apply and does not make the hair wet like many other heat sprays can do. You do not want to skimp because you want to be sure that you have heat protection everywhere, but you can not wait for it to dry either. Living Proof also has a hair primer that is great to have in before you curl it, it makes the curls last longer :)

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