Kill Tips - Panos L´Homme

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    Yesterday I wrote about Panos Emporio's three steam perfumes, but they also have a super good guy perfume that was actually even nominated for male perfume of the year in the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Award!

    The perfume is called L´Homme and is explained as follows:
    L´Homme is a masculine refreshing fragrance filled with fresh citrus and marine tones. The light aqua scent is characterized by the feeling of fresh sea breezes. ”


    (The bottle is not that wavy, it was not possible to take photos without the blinds being reflected)

    I'm not very good at explaining guy perfumes in words, but I can say that I usually do not like when Miska changes perfume because it feels a bit like having a stranger at home. But I almost want to pour this perfume on him, such a fragrant stranger is very welcome haha!

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    Jokes aside :) The scent is full-bodied and sour and very masculine. Perfect gift if you do not use guy perfumes yourself!

    Top note: Lemon, Lime, Davana
    Heart note: Salvia, Lavender, Marine
    Basnot: Patschuli, Mysk, Orcanox

    The perfume is an Eau de Toilette and costs SEK 475 for 50 ml

    Two thumbs up!

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