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    Jonna sa…
    Hi Helena! I'm going on a photo shoot in about 1 week, and would really need your help with a make-up tutorial, as I will fix the make-up myself. The photography takes place on a meadow with flowers and tall grass and I will wear a white lace bustier and a turquoise skirt, plus curls in my hair. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I do not understand how to match what I am wearing with the flowers, so please help me! Thanks in advance."

    Oh it sounded like a lovely photo shoot! Should it just be a beautiful picture or is it something that should be in focus?

    In any case, it sounds like a dreamy and happy picture so I had not done too heavy make-up, but at the same time you still have to keep in mind that it should look good in the picture so it is smart not to make it too neutral either. It's a balancing act :)

    Enlarge the eyes with a light waterline and light eye shadows on the inside of the eye, but do not forget to mark the eyes with a little dark as well so that they pop out a little more, either with a sharp eyeliner and / or by applying a darker shadow shadow on the outer edges.

    I do not know what color the flowers are, but with a turquoise skirt + flowers, I would probably have been a little careful with the colors, so that the picture does not feel "sketchy". Either I had done a light and summery make-up in light, gold, light pink and brown, or I had just chosen a color from everything I had picked up - for example a brown make-up with turquoise eyeliner, or bright pink flowers, neutral make-up and bright pink lips.

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    It's a little difficult for me to do tutorials now that I'm still living with my mother (it's too hot in the apartment!) But this make-up might be something:

    lumene-blueberry-eyeshadow-palette-4 - sandy-island

    You will find more pictures here! Or maybe this makeup stuck in other colors? :)

    Hope you got some inspiration anyway! And if you have more questions (or know the colors of the flowers), just shout.

    Good luck!


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    1. Hi, I'm really eager to order YAG foundation, but I'm wondering how good the coverage is? Unfortunately I have an easy time to blush and get red on the cheeks when it is hot etc. and I am looking for a foundation that covers well but I do not want to look too cakey or made up :)

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