Nails in pastel colors - Pastel nail polish

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    Yesterday I showed you IsaDora's news for spring, and what I fell for most were the new nail polish IsaDora Velvet Matt Nails in six new pastel shades! So heavenly nice, gets the urge to put on shorts and sunglasses :)

    Nails in pastel colors - Pastel nail polish

    Bohemian - White velvet - Blue cloud - Spring Light - Pink sugar - Vintage Blush

    Nice colors huh? I have tested them all and love just about every single one!

    Nails in pastel colors - Pastel nail polish

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    Number of stocks
    Here you see the result of two coats of paint, the shades are nice after one coat as well but more intense after two. I actually have pink gel nails underneath, which shines through a bit after two layers as well, so they are not really comprehensive but you can get different effects and variations by e.g. paint only one coat or have a white nail polish underneath first.

    Incredibly simple varnish to paint with, wide brush and the formula settles evenly and nicely over the nail directly.

    Drying time
    I first had base coat and then two fairly thick coats of nail polish, and finished with IsaDora's new novelty Quick Dry Dropper, and for having such a thick coat of varnish and painting all coats at fairly tight intervals, I think they dried very fast despite circumstances, so it was nice! but do not know how much was the Quick Dry drops merit and how much it depends on the nail polish, have to test more to be sure.

    These varnishes are shimmery and almost a bit in the metallic direction, at the same time as they are matte, which gives an incredibly nice result! Matte nails full of luster :) They look very velvety smooth!

    The colors are bright and springy, and so reminiscent of ice cream that I want to eat them!

    I painted the nails today so can not really determine the durability, in addition, I have gel nails on almost all fingers, and then all the varnish holds very well, so it is a bit difficult to determine regardless, unfortunately. But IsaDora's nail polish usually lasts well :)

    These varnishes cost SEK 79 HERE

    Nails in pastel colors - Pastel nail polish

    On one hand I have painted with Spring light (yellow), Blue cloud (blue) and Pink sugar (pink). Fint va? :)


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    And on the other hand, I have painted with White velvet (white), Vintage blush (apricot) and Bohemian (light bronze). Love, love, love!

    IMG_8839_111My favorite is the hand with the more playful pastels in blue, pink and yellow:

    IMG_8865_111Super nice nail polish really, recommended!

    What color do you like the most? ♥


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    1. Must actually admit that they were nicer lacquered than in the bottle. Liked them all except the yellow. Too bad they did not have anything green. :-)

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