Lumenes Raspberry Miracle Lip Perfecting Balm

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I received a press release with Lumene's new lip gloss Raspberry Miracle Lip Perfecting Balm this week!

They are a mixture between lip balm and lip gloss, you could say, much like Paese Balm Lipgloss - as moisturizing as lip balm but works just like a lip gloss :)

They are available in five great colors! They are not full-coverage on the lips, but you get a nice and discreet shade. And they are so caring thanks to the seed oil from raspberries.


Costs SEK 99 and is available at e.g. Kicks!

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Here you see the different shades, nice huh? :)


What I think: The texture is very creamy, on the verge of a bit sticky if you take a lot, but if you are a little sparse, it will be soft and nice on the lips. The lips get a nice shine and color, and it is easy to apply. In addition, the scent of raspberries is insanely good!

So I really like these a lot, as long as I do not take too much :)

lumene IMG_0229_111

In this picture I have the shade Full of light!

Hug, hug ♥

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