Make up a bruise

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    AnonymousSara sa…
    Cool! Can you make up bruises? I'm thinking of dressing up as a hanged person on Halloween, but need a little help with how to make up a big bruise around the whole neck ^^

    I have done a little step by step on a bruise around the neck, but before I did a test mark on the leg, to show a little what to think about!

    The result was not great, but as long as you understand the principle, you can do better on your own :)

    I have used a regular shadow overlay, blush, green concealer, cream foundation and eye shadows in RED, blue, lila, green and yellow.
    Which colors you use depends a bit on whether you want one new or old bruise.
    A new bruise is very red, and a little blue at the edges. While it then goes more towards the blue and purple direction. Finally, it is green and yellow.
    I have chosen to use all colors, so that you will understand a little what I mean :)
    Cream foundation as a base where you want the bruise.
    Red eye shadow in the middle of the bruise.
    Rouge around the red.
    Bruises are rarely bright red, so I try to get a duller color by using blush!
    Cold blue eye shadow around the blush.
    Purple eye shadow dotted a little on and around the blue.
    Green concealer at the edges.
    A little green and yellow eye shadow at the edges.
    And blur a little to make it more diffuse.
    Remember that bruises are not perfect, they should be uneven so dutta happy on the shadows to make it more spotty!
    Hope you understood! :)
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    Helena Amiley
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