Make up for colds

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I always get a little happy when I get different "ailments" such as a lot of pimples, a wrinkle, a bruise or the like that I can use to show different makeup tips. Right now I have an incredible cold, it started already last Thursday and soon I have been snotty for a whole week!

Then the experimentation began, how do you make up a cold mustache nose in the best way? What holds best and what is least visible when it has been rubbed off a bit? Ideally, you just want to lie under a blanket and cure yourself, but that is not always the reality.



This post you may misinterpret or what you say, I still have no tip on a base that is completely rub-proof and makes the nose withstand as many sobs and napkin rubs as possible without being the least bit affected. But there are degrees in hell and here are my top tips!

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When you sneeze, the nose becomes extremely dry, it is almost impossible to get away because it becomes like an abrasion. Do not forget to start moisturizing as soon as you catch a cold, because even if you are not dry yet, you will be very soon.

Before I put on make-up, I usually use eye cream, dab on and let it sit as a layer for about 2 minutes before you start to put on make-up, wipe with a top. Why I choose eye cream is because it is so thin in the formula that it sinks in quickly and is not sticky when you put on make-up, even though you have just had a thick layer. My eye cream and many others are also soothing, which is great for the irritated skin on the nose.

In the evening I use oil, it is so gentle and nice to the skin and also sinks in quickly even if you have peeled skin / elephant skin around the nose. Feel free to cuddle the skin in an oily and / or soothing face mask as well.


The eye cream I use is Sanctum Eye Balm.

A thin and light foundation that sinks into the skin
The first make-up tip is a foundation that sinks into the skin and is very dry and light in the formula, because a foundation that lies like a creamy blanket over the skin will slide off immediately no matter how gently you cheat. The best is a gel foundation I think, it sinks into the skin very well and the one I use from Pixi is also water resistant!


I use the foundation gel Pixi H2O Skintint in shade 2 Nude.

Skip face primer around the nose
I also skip face primer, because a face primer fills in pores and irregularities and makes the skin smoother and a better work surface to apply makeup on. But it rarely makes the make-up more rub-proof, rather use as little make-up as possible to make the foundation sink into the skin really well. But you can of course have the face primer in the rest of the face.

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Neutralize redness
When the nose turns red, it shines through very extremely, this is because red is such an intense color that easily shines through even if you have a full-coverage base. Especially if you have a lighter foundation that I recommended above. Then I apply a neutralizing powder, gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder, to reduce redness.


gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder is incredibly effective in removing redness! Now it also has a new jar with strainer and more content - for the same price.

Do not use colors that highlight red around the nose
I always have a pretty red nose with a lot of blood vessels and if I apply foundation all over my face and finish with my nose, I always look like Rudolf with red clouds before I put on my nose as well. When everything around is an even skin tone in a semi-warm color, the red nose is emphasized even more. And the same, of course, applies if you have turned around a few times and the scarlet nose begins to glow in the middle of the face.

  • Preferably use cool colors on the face and skip warm bronzers and gold tones.
  • Preferably do not use eye makeup in yellow or green
  • Yellow on top of red (on the nose) removes the red, but yellow next to red highlights the red. So do not use gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder on a large area outside the nose but only where you are red.
  • If you have a cold, pink blush, feel free to use quite a lot of it, so that the contrast to the red nose is not as great.

You will need to improve during the day if you cheat often! The best thing is to bring a face mist, mineral foundation and redness relief powder in your handbag. Dab on mineral foundation quickly when you have sniffed, and when it feels very red and irritated, you also take some redness relief powder and finish by moisturizing with a spray of moisturizing face mist.


Sanctum Tone & Refresh Mist is great for spraying on moisture during the day.

More alert eyes
I would like to write "focus on eyes and lips so no one will see your nose" but is at the same time realistic, when you do not feel completely 100 you rarely manage to do a cool party make-up in the morning. My 2 best tips are:

  • Light eyeliner along the waterline - Makes the eyes brighter and removes the red-eyed feeling that you easily get when you have a cold.
  • Focus on the top of the eyes, e.g. mascara and eyeliner on just the top. It lifts the eye and makes you look more alert. At the same time, you do not have to think about the make-up on the underside if the eyes run and have themselves.


gloMinerals and Benecos has bright eyeliner pens that are really good!

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Feel free to choose a cool tone on the lips that does not go towards yellow or green, red tones work great because red does not emphasize red. But above all - use moisturizing lip makeup! A lipstick with natural oils, a colored lip balm or similar. When you can not breathe with your nose, you often become very dry in the mouth and on the lips.


Soft paper to sniff in, nasal spray and to cut the nose hairs are the kind of salvation to stay as good-looking and fresh as possible.

Summary - Use a thin foundation that sinks into the skin. Neutralize the red with powder. Feel free to avoid warm tones and green in the rest of the makeup as it highlights red. Moisturize properly both before but also after with face mist. This makes it look less dry. For quick and easy improvement during the day, use mineral foundation that is easy to dab on.


And do not forget hand alcohol to reduce the risk of infecting others! :)

Hugs are ♥

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Helena Amiley
I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


  1. Great post! Have a question about covering / improving permanent make-up. Has made taffy eyebrows and the color has turned to the gray direction. They have also "fused" the straws in the outer part of the eyebrows so they are much darker than the rest of the eyebrows: - ((barely have any own eyebrows) do you know if it is possible to correct the gray color at the return visit? I am golden blonde so my wish was of course not the gray side but more natural, lighter so it matches my hair color and rather a little warmer than this cold.So I am super stressed about this… Had I not lived so far from uppsala your company would have been my first choice for eyebrow tattoo :-)

    • Correcting the color to both lighter and warmer when the color is gray and dark can be a bit tricky, we would need to see you / clear images where the color is clearly visible to be able to judge accurately. You can tattoo with correction colors, but it usually takes more than one visit. With us, filling costs like a new eyebrow tattoo if you have not had a tattoo at our salon from the beginning (5700 :-), but it can also be added more depending on how much needs to be corrected. In other words, it is both difficult to decide without seeing your eyebrows but also quite individually how the result will be, with tattoos that we have not done from the beginning, it is difficult to know exactly what the end result will look like. But it will in any case be much, much better than before :)

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