Make Up Eyelashes Longer (Get Longer Eyelashes)

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    Hi Helena!
    I use Magnetic Lash Mascara and am so happy with it! Mainly because it lasts so well, even for rain and water splashes (perfect for mothers of small children) but is so easy to wash off anyway. And the lashes will be so nice! I have not used the fibers that much, however. I usually do not have as much eye makeup but only mascara, but on the weekends I would like to have a more festive makeup anyway but still do not want eye shadows or a lot of eyeliner. Thinking I can run on the fibers for extra long lashes and a lipstick only :)

    My thoughts / wishes are thus:
    1. You have previously posted how long lashes you get with the fibers, but you have shown with completely unmade-up lashes and then after mascara + fibers. I would also like to see what the lashes look like with mascara but before the fibers. And you have also written that you can build on with more layers of fiber, can you show that too?
    2. Give more tips on how to get long eyelashes, both how to care for them but above all how to think when you put on make-up.

    Will be superduper-grateful if you can throw up a post about this with pictures! ”

    First of all - super fun that so many are happy with the mascara! I hear this regularly from customers :) I also recommend it to people who do not want to use the fibers, because the mascara itself is really good and I see the fibers more as a bonus that comes with the page.

    I have now put together a few more pictures that I was going to show you today, in connection with even more make-up tips!

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    How to get longer eyelashes:

    1. Care for eyelashes - Use a mild makeup remover, try not to rub into the eyes (not when washing off the makeup and not in the morning either) and be careful when removing the mascara. Feel free to use a conditioner / wrap for the eyelashes to care for them extra, I use Refectocil Long Lash Gel* every night as a wrap. Mascara, lash curlers, makeup removal, water, lash color, etc. can all be a little tiring for the lashes. So Long Lash Gel no longer makes them in itself but cares for them so that they look better and longer thanks to the fact that they do not get worn or dry.

    2. Eyelash Serum - If you are prone to getting worn lashes or are very harsh with them, you can get quite a lot longer lashes by just caring for them. But to make them actually grow, you can use an eyelash serum! Brush on the lash line (on the skin) every night and after 6-8 weeks you have significantly longer lashes. The one I use is also from the brand Refectocil and is tested and approved, Refectocil Beauty Lash* is called the serum and we have many returning customers who get really good results. A customer who got so long that she would almost have to cut them, completely crazy!



    3. The right choice of mascara - Feel free to buy a mascara that is mild in the formula, if you have frizzy lashes or stress them a lot, it is really worth paying a little extra. Cheap mascaras can sometimes be a little dehydrating for the lashes. (note everyone pulls over a comb now, cheap does not have to mean bad).

    This is how you get the eyelashes see further out:

    1. Skip the wide eyeliner - A wide black eyeliner makes the black lashes blend into the eyeliner, and you only see the tips of the eyelashes, which gives the illusion that they are a little shorter than they are. However, a narrow eyeliner or just lashliner (dark marking in the scalp of the lashes) is only good for emphasizing the lashes, then they look a little fuller.


    In this picture you see the perfect if you want the lashes to look as long as possible I think, here I have made a lashliner right in the scalp of the lashes which makes the lashes will look fuller, but you will also see the full length of the fringe clearly when the mascara comes on late.

    2. Bend the lashes from the root - If you have straight lashes and bend them carelessly, e.g. from the middle and upwards, you only get the length of half the fringe. Make sure to bend as close to the root as possible so you get all the lashes up.

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    3. Apply the mascara upwards - In most cases, I usually recommend brushing the lashes like a fan, the inner lashes inwards, the middle lashes straight up and the outer lashes outwards. Then they become separated and fine. But if you brush the outer lashes outwards, they can look a little shorter when you look straight ahead, so for as long lashes as possible, you can then try to brush all the lashes as straight up as possible. Do not forget to work only from the root with the mascara so that you get the lashes up properly.

    4. Bright eye shadows - Even if you are not going to do an eyeshadow make-up, it is effective to lighten up a little on the eyelid with a luster highlighter, because the greater the contrast it is against the black lashes with light / dark, the more they are emphasized. Extra important for people who have a little darker skin tone, then luster on the eyelid can do the trick :)


    Magnetic lash fiber mascara - And what the post would really be about, the popular mascara from Magnetic Lash* which has the fibers in a sleeve on the side! You can easily vary how much fiber you want, and where on the lashes you want them, so smart!

    The formula gives a really lasting result, as the wax formulation makes the mascara last longer but is at the same time easier to wash off than many other mascaras. It also becomes waterproof and can withstand both rain and tears. The mascara nourishes and strengthens the lashes thanks to nourishing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.


    Here you see with only mascara on the model, and with mascara + fibers on the model.


    The mascara has an hourglass-shaped brush that both reaches the smallest lashes, and separates them nicely, loves it! And in the small sleeve that comes with it, there is a small narrow brush with fibers that you apply after the mascara to build up volume and above all length.

    1. Apply mascara on one eye, I usually do one at a time so that the cream does not have time to dry on one eye while I do the other. The fibers attach more when the mascara is still creamy.
    2. Apply the fibers from the middle of the lashes up to the tops, or as you prefer (you can only put in the outer edges or only the tops if you want)
    3. Finish with another layer of mascara and build up the desired length
    4. You can apply more layers if you want more effect. I find that it is better to add a little at a time than lots of fiber directly.


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    As I said, you can vary how much fiber you want to use. Here you see the lashes with first only mascara, then with a little fiber and the second layer of mascara, and to the right I have added even more fiber and mascara.

    When I apply more layers, I mostly work in the tops of the lashes, because if you put a lot of mascara and fibers layer on layer on the entire lashes, they end up a little messy and easily "too much".


    My eyelash curler has broken (waah!) So I have not even bent them in these pictures, and yet they are so visible even when I look straight ahead :)


    Fint va? :)

    Summary - Do not be harsh on the lashes, feel free to care for them with moisturizing Long lash gel overnight, use eyelash serum if you want to make them grow, skip wide eyeliner, brush the lashes straight up when applying mascara and use fibers in the tops for as much length as possible .

    By the way, I have not used The Beauty Lash serum* since last spring and feel that I really have to start again, it will be such a big difference! Because now my lashes have gone down to normal again after so many months, but now I am starting to get back to routines after all the chaos so it's time I think :)

    Hope you who asked got answers to all your thoughts, and that you others were also inspired ♥

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