Make-up done by Emelie

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Got a really cute email from Emelie yesterday, a girl who reads my blog. She tested one of my make-up knives at an 80's party, and then sent me pictures!
Here is part of the email:
When I came to the party everyone just saw: ooohh aaah yyyyyyyyyyyy what a make-up! are you a makeup artist?
Haha my God, what an uproar there was about my makeup. Even when guys came forward and introduced themselves, they stopped and just: wow what a make-up! and the girls: aaaajjaaa so I also want it, how did you do it?!?! You should start at some such makeup school etc etc.
I really want to thank you, because you made my evening so successful! Think what makeup can do :)
Thank you for being you and thank you for your great blog: D
Those words I come live long on!
Here are the pictures of the make-up:

Surely it turned out nice ?!
A pity that they are taken with a mobile camera, but you actually see well anyway.
Understand that she received many compliments! :)
It was this make-up she got inspiration from!
I actually have a lot over 100 make-up here on the blog, so you are looking for something especially it's pretty easy to find among the labels!

Today's make-up you will see tomorrow, Miska has the pictures on her computer and can not send them today. But but…

That's the way the cookie crumbles!
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