Makeup brushes

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    Charlotte sa…
    At there is a make-up brush set for SEK 299. Have you tested it and if so, what do you think about it? Is it worth buying? How is the quality?

    Johanna sa…
    Yes, I wonder that too? Do not like brushes that are crazy too soft :-( What do you think about the quality of the brush set?


    It's from SEK 299 seat which my two favorite brushes actually come from! So yes, I have tested it and really think it is worth buying if you like makeup :)

    I also do not like soft brushes, it feels like you blur and blur with nothing happening.

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    But my favorite brushes are soft and comfortable, but still have such a shape that you get the effect of a harder brush. Do you understand what I mean?

    My favorite brushes.
    The one on the left is a little smaller, I use it to apply eye shadows.
    The one on the right is a little fluffier and super good for blurring edges.


    The quality is otherwise good, and all sets contain well-thought-out combinations of brushes.

    The shape of the brushes is very much a matter of taste, a makeup artist's favorite brush can be a waste for another. Basically.


    In short, I can say that the red the seat (9 brushes) is a great starter kit if you put on make-up "just enough" and do not need more than one brush for each area. In addition, I think the bag is incredibly nice !!

    The silvery the seat (18 brushes) is good for those who like a little harder, less fluffy shadow brushes. These are more compact. In addition to the large powder brushes which are super soft!

    The black the seat is my favorite, with as many as 24 brushes to choose from, you will always find several favorites! The brushes are soft and comfortable, but still easy to work with.

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    All sets have good eyeliner brushes!


    The black set also has a very smart lip brush - with lid!
    Otherwise, it is easy to get lipstick stains on all things.


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    Helena Amiley
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