Makeup for beginners

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    I often get questions from people who are complete beginners in makeup but who have become more and more interested and want to buy a little home and experiment. What is most important and how to proceed?

    Here are some tips on both products and thinking about this, how I would have done and thought if I had been in that situation but with the same knowledge that I possess today :)

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    Tip 1 - Buy products with multiple functions

    There are some products that you can use for several things, which makes it easier when you go shopping, when you put on make-up and when you have to pay;)

    * If you do not have very problematic skin, a good mineral foundation will make you cope without both concealer and powder.
    * Bronzer as eye shadow.
    * Rouge as eye shadow.
    * Eye shadow as eyebrow shadow.
    * I would undoubtedly have invested in an eyeshadow palette instead of occasional eyeshadows! Either a big one or a small one depending on how much you want to experiment on that front.
    * Kajal pen with a fading tool on top, or pencil sharpener in the lid!
    * Keep this in mind when choosing makeup brushes, if you choose between two pieces, choose the one you think you will be able to use for something more. For example, an oblique brow brush works gallantly to apply eye shadow along the lower lash line as well.

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    make up tips

    In this picture I have my blush on my cheeks, eyelids and lips!

    smnktips pink lips

    This is what a make-up with bronzer as eye shadow could look like.

    Tip 2 - Budget vs. Quality

    There are some products that I would prioritize to buy of quality, while one can prioritize low price over others.

    Quality - Foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eye shadow primer, lip makeup, eyeliner.
    Budget - Eyeshadows, blush, sun powder, makeup brushes.

    In short… Products you have all over your face that work into the skin, products that affect durability, products that rarely last a whole day if you do not buy quality - such products you should not be too stingy with when you shop. But if you have a good base, you can indulge in cheap stuff when it comes to eye shadows and such products that only give a little extra color to the face.

    Makeup brushes are also on a budget, while you are in the beginner phase, you do not need brushes that will last for 10 years, but it is better to buy several cheap ones at home, try them out and see which varieties you like the most. If you continue to put on a lot of make-up, you can invest in better make-up and then brush when you know what you will use a lot!



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    To make it easier for you, everything on the budget side comes from the same business - H&M. Same thing on the quality side, everything comes from in addition to the eye shadow primer which is from Lumene.

    Tip 3 - Do not make it too cumbersome

    Finally, do not make it so cumbersome for yourself, makeup should be fun! Buy some stuff you think works well and test yourself, do not listen to all the rules and treat yourself to a long time in front of the mirror :)


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