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    Mia sa…
    Hen, thank you for a wonderful makeup blog I have followed you in the blog for a long time and you have been one of my great sources of inspiration & Linda Hallberg and helen torsgården.

    Now I have also started to develop my interest in makeup so I wondered if you could do a wedding tutorial.
    Then I will make up my first bride and wondered even if you had reached tips on what to think about with the camera flash and so because you have such nice pictures.
    You are cruel !! Thank you for all the time and all the good work you do. Hug"

    Thank you for your nice words, they warm and I always get so happy when I am compared to bigger and incredibly talented makeup bloggers :)

    A specific make-up tutorial is difficult to do as all brides want different make-up, but I have previously made a post with break make-up tipss that you find here, and the tutorial on that bridal makeup I can publish again!


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    1. Light eye shadow on the entire eyelid and in the corner of the eye, Annika's Favorite Shadow.
    2. Brown eye shadow sooted at the end of the eyelid and down at the end of the eyelid for a deeper look, nudh mineral eye shadow (Cacao Brown) 
    3. Fade the edges.
    4. Black eyeliner along the lash line, IsaDora Flex Tip Eyeliner
    5. Black mascara on all lashes, Oriflame Master Curl Mascara
    Bright glitter In the corner of the eye, Yves Rocher Loose Pearl Shimmer (05.Nacres Cristal)

    Here are some more tips on what you as a makeup artist can think of when doing bridal makeup:

    1. Test make-up
    I always offer a cheap test make-up before the wedding, it is incredibly nice to already know on the big day for sure that the bride is happy with the make-up you intend to do. In addition, it makes it easier in terms of time to have already talked about how she wants it and also testing of basic make-up paint and the like. You never know what might happen on your wedding day, the bride may be stressed, emotional, and things may go wrong, it never hurts to be as fast as you can and have prepared as much as possible! In the summer, I recommend doing the test make-up quite close to the wedding as you skin color from time to time this season.

    2. Prepare the bride
    Give the bride some tips on what she can do before the wedding. Deep cleansing the skin with a facial sauna (which I wrote a bit about in this post at this day) is a good idea as all dead skin cells disappear which gives the skin much more radiance! However, you should not use a strong peel or products you have not tested before, then the skin can become unbalanced and become dry, get acne or even a rash. You do not want that :)

    Another thing that is important to point out is that the bride should not smear herself with sunscreen in the morning (and you as a makeup artist should also not use basic makeup with sunscreen). The sun protection factor can namely reflect the light strangely on the image and give your face a gray tone.

    It can also be good if the bride has her own lipstick or lip gloss that she likes, because then she can improve with it during the day and evening after you have made up with it. If you do not sell makeup yourself, it is difficult at this point, because this is an area that will not last a day no matter how well you apply. I usually tell this on the test make-up, and then you can show different brands and variants and she will get tips if she may need to buy a new one.

    It also does not hurt to give some toiletry tips on what she should bring with her in a small bag. Lip makeup is a given, but a transparent powder may also be needed. Even if you are not oily in the skin otherwise, after such a hectic day, it can wear more on the make-up than usual, and you immediately look freshly made up again after a little powder. Feel free to choose a compact powder, however, it is not as easy to have accidents with one. And finally a concealer, I prefer powder form if you are going to use it to improve during the day, it is for the underside of the eyes if the bride cries in church!


    3. Listen to the bride
    The most important thing about a bridal make-up is not that you are happy, it is that the bride is happy. There is probably no make-up job where it is so important to be humble and listen as carefully as bridal make-up. This day is very important for the person in the make-up chair, you are emotional, a lot of photos will be taken and she will be in the center all the time, come up with a lot of suggestions but if you have divided opinions about something, it is she who decides.

    Before, I was asked by a person who did not know how to proceed with a bridal makeup where the bride wanted to apply eyeliner and mascara herself. The person in question did not really want to let the bride do this as she wanted to be able to do the whole make-up, what if it gets ugly? I understand her problem, but the best thing is to always let the bride do what she wants and always just be by her side for support. I had given tips before and at the same time as she put on make-up, and if something went wrong, you just have to help correct it :) And if you have a completely different taste, and that she is happy but not you, then you just get skip using these wedding photos in your portfolio.

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    4. The make-up should also look good in the picture
    The blush is important to consider if you are going to take pictures in black and white. In a black and white image, the blush becomes a gray shadow instead of a nice color, and if you have it in the middle of the cheek, your cheek will look pressed. Place it along the cheekbone and up to the ear but not as far forward as the "apple cheek".

    And as I said, skip the sun protection factor, and even though you do, you should still put make-up on the neck and décolleté (depending on how the dress looks) because the make-up can still light up differently, especially in pictures with flash, and then it is best to Be on the safe side and do not get the face tone in a different color than the rest.

    5. Eyeshadow palettes
    To be able to easily communicate with the bride when it comes to choosing eye shadows, it is easy and good to use ready-made palettes in different color scales. Pür Minerals trio palettes in the shades Classic Beauty and Little Miss Perfect, gloMinerals Trio Palettes in the shades Champagne Rose, Chopper Sheen and Sandstone and Lumenes new 4-palette in the shade Sandy Island are all the palettes that are popular for bridal makeup. Then the bride sees in front of her how the colors come together!

    I did this make-up with the 4 palette from Lumene:


    lumene-blueberry-eyeshadow-palette-4 - sandy-island1. Light eye shadow in the corner of the eye, on the inside of the eyelid and under the brow.
    2. Pink eye shadow in the middle of the eyelid.
    3. Brown eye shadow at the end of the eyelid, along the globe line and at the end of the lower lash line.
    4. Light brown eye shadow in the middle of the lower lash line.
    5. Blur the edges.
    6. Black eyeliner with wing, Lumene Blueberry Intense Liner Waterproof.
    7. Black mascara on all lashes, Lumene Cloudberry Volume Serum Mascara.

    These were the tips I could think of now, shout out if you have more questions! :)


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