Makeup storage

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    I can imagine that some of you who read only have a small toiletry bag in the bathroom, where all your make-up stuff can fit without major problems. You will think I'm crazy now when I show my makeup storage! :)

    Yesterday I was at IKEA and shopped for storage boxes with different compartments, which you can put inside the drawer to get more order. I have a drawer with nine drawers, all of which are completely filled with make-up.

    Hurtsen is also from IKEA, but I got it as a birthday present from my boyfriend already this summer, and have now had time to mess it up quite a bit on the inside six months later… Better order in 2014 I just say!

    Makeup storage

    There were three different storage boxes! The one at the top in the picture is my favorite, many different small compartments and perfect for both larger eye shadows and narrow eyeliner pencils. It also became a bunch of commoners jars with lids, and a divider as parts of the box in nine parts.

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    my makeup corner


    I have the drawer standing right next to the make-up mirror where I sit on a high chair, so in the top drawers I have the products I use the most, as I can easily pick them out without jumping down from the chair.

    Answer yes, I have occupied my boyfriend's dining table with both makeup mirror and computer, we eat on the couch instead. And yes, there are two beer glasses I have the makeup brushes standing in. You do not live glamorously here! ;)

    To my surprise (and disappointment) the storage drawers are a little too high to fit in the narrowest drawers at the top, it is only a few millimeters apart. So I have had to reorganize the whole drawer and will have to "run around" a bit when I put on make-up, but you probably get used to that pretty quickly!


    Here is the storage box I like the most. But now it is so crowded that you can barely see the different compartments haha.

    At the front of the sloping part, I have sorted out different kinds of pens and such elongated packages. Below that part are all false eyelashes (not visible at all in the picture).

    At the back I have mascaras on the right and lip products on the left.


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    The part that separates the box into 9 parts is perfect for keeping an eye on the eye shadows! I have sorted up into brands and a small square with glitter products.

    The small drawers could fit in one of the narrow drawers if you put them on the side. Not as nice with it probably works well anyway! More lip products in the larger box, tops in a small, various eyebrow products + pencil sharpener in another small and a little good and mixed in the last. The largest drawer that you do not see here I have in another drawer filled with basic make-up.


    In the top picture in the post, you see two small drawers next to the divider, they can be attached to the side of a drawer! So I have them in the narrow drawer that is easiest to reach from the chair, and there is primer and such things I use for every single make-up. Great indeed!

    Much nicer to have in order than that everything is loose in the drawers, is really recommended for make-up enthusiasts like me or generally as bathroom storage for all hygiene items. Great if you are a big family! :)

    If you think this is a lot of makeup, then I can clarify that these are just three of nine boxes, hihi.

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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