Makeup tips for eyeglass users

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    I was asked to answer some makeup questions about makeup and glasses by the beauty site, and since I get glasses-related questions quite often, I of course wanted to help as I know that many find this difficult!

    It was published on today and you will find the article here, and I was actually going to publish this in the blog as well :)


    I do not have poor eyesight myself but love glasses without strength, super nice!

    How to think when you wear glasses and use makeup?
    The most important thing is to highlight the eyes and make them shine through, even though you have glasses in front that steal a lot of focus. It is a balancing act - while the make-up is not as visible and you can make up the eyes more markedly than without glasses, there is also a limit where it becomes too much of everything and just looks messy.

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    Is it just how the eye makeup is applied that matters or are there good tips when it comes to applying blush, how marked the eyebrows should be and how the lips should be painted?
    It's all about getting balance, and then all the details in the whole face play a big role! If you have a lot of everything, the impression can be messy and you feel made up.

    The eyebrows easily disappear behind the frames and always need a little extra attention. A well-shaped eyebrow highlights and lifts the eyes, and makes you look more alert. Feel free to try to make as high a shape as possible, it is nice if they end up over the arch as much as possible, and not down to the same height so that they blend into the upper edge of the arch.

    The other details can, however, vary depending on each other. Glasses, eye makeup, blush and lips become four details that take focus on the face, and my tip is to make up one or two of the details more discreetly, and focus on the other two. Then you get a good balance! For example:
    Wide marked arches and colorful lips - with discreet eye makeup and blush.
    Thin discreet arches, light lips - with a darker eye makeup and an intense blush shade.

    There will also be an imbalance if you only invest in one area of the face, e.g. thin frames, discreet blush and eye makeup with very colorful lips. But there is nothing that says that there is something wrong with imbalance, it is very effective too! Just a little harder to carry.

    How does the shape and color of the frame affect?
    My best tip is to look straight ahead in the mirror with the glasses on. Which parts of the eyes are hidden, and which are clearly visible? In the areas where the spectacle frame takes up a lot of space, it can be a good idea to work mostly with light shadows to highlight, and in the areas where it is completely open, you can focus with dark / colorful colors.


    With wide / dark frames, you should be careful not to apply too much make-up, because you do not want the eyes to blend in with the glasses like a big "bluff" but you just want to emphasize the eyes underneath. If you are unsure, apply too little rather than too much, and use shimmery shadows that make your eyes shine!


    With narrow / light frames, you can think a little the opposite, then you can apply a little extra makeup to make the eyes visible, preferably a little darker colors.

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    With round frames, many people feel that they get round eyes, it's nice with big eyes, but to avoid the owl feeling, I recommend making the eyes so that they are as drawn out and almond-shaped as possible (by applying the shadow more outwards in outer corner of the eye). Then the glo feeling disappears!

    Should you choose frames first and makeup later, or vice versa?
    It is entirely up to you, and depends on what you think is most important. If you have difficulty finding glasses you like, you should not choose a pair you like due to make-up tips you read. But do you have a standard make-up that you enjoy and e.g. never go outside the door without a dark sweep around the eyes, then maybe it is better to choose thin and discreet frames. But in general, I think it's easier to adapt the make-up to the frames than the other way around!

    Other tips when it comes to makeup for eyeglass wearers?
    * Mix light and dark, shimmery and matte eye shadows to create contrasts and more depth in the make-up, then your eyes are highlighted more.
    * A light eyeliner along the waterline makes your eyes look bigger and more alert.
    * An eyeshadow primer is important if you want to bring out the pigments in the eyeshadows properly, so that they are more visible under the glasses. An eye shadow primer is applied after foundation, before eye shadows.
    * A good tip for highlighting the eyes is to use complementary colors - Blue eyes are highlighted by warm colors such as yellow, orange, gold, bronze. Brown eyes are highlighted by cool colors such as blue. Green eyes are highlighted by purple, pink and red tones.
    * The basic make-up can often get smudged on the glasses during the day, which destroys both your beautiful foundation and soils the frames. Apply a little extra powder around the eyes when you put on make-up, and improve during the day even if you are prone to getting oily. Then your basic make-up is more "fixed" and will not slip around and get stuck on the frames.
    * If you are nearsighted, the glass in the glasses makes your eyes look smaller - work hard to enlarge the eyes.
    * A safe card if you want the eyes to be visible properly behind the glasses, it is to use color! It looks good and enlivens the whole face. If you do not like colorful eye shadows, there are many pencils and mascaras in nice colors that you can use, e.g. green mascara on only the lower lashes.

    And finally, the most important thing is to feel comfortable, all these tips are to help and not to set boundaries. Make up so that you feel good-looking, then you will also be good-looking!

    Hope the tips were helpful! ♥

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