Make-up tips for olive skin

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There are different guidelines that help when you are unsure of which colors you fit in depending on what skin tone you have. The most important thing is not to take the guidelines as rules, everyone can of course use all colors regardless of skin tone / hair color / eye color, but there are some tips and tricks that can be fun to keep in mind when putting on make-up, and today I thought I would give you olive skin tone some tips on what you can think of when it comes to makeup! :)

Nina Dobrev, Aishwarya Rai and Jessica Alba are people who have a typical olive skin tone.

Brief facts about olive skin tone:
* The skin tone has a yellow undertone that goes in the green direction. 
* It is common with an olive skin tone on people with medium dark skin, e.g. which are easy to tan or have a more exotic origin such as e.g. India and China. But even people with fair skin can have an olive undertone.
* Many people find it easy to get dark circles under the eyes. 
* Many people naturally have a fresh and nice glow in the skin.

Foundation shade for olive skin tone
People with olive skin can have both dark and light skin, so there is not only one shade that is right for olive skin types and it is difficult to find shades that are adapted to just olive skin. I recommend a warm yellow shade that does not go too much in the orange direction.

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My very best tip is to use a foundation that adapts well to your skin tone and lets your natural shade shine through. Do not use too much foundation make-up, rather cover blemishes and the like with a concealer. Mineral foundation in "golden shades" can be a good idea, many mineral powders adapt to your own skin tone and you can also easily vary the degree of coverage by applying more / less so I can recommend it!

2. Concealer
A yellow / orange concealer is good for conjuring away dark blue-green rings under the eyes! Choose a concealer with a light consistency or powder consistency, a thick concealer rarely looks good on the thin skin under the eyes.

3. Red 
Olive skin tones suit superb blush shades such as apricot, peach and coral, feel free to choose warm shades over cold ones. Only bronzing powder in the temples and along the cheekbones can also suffice.

4. Eye shadow
If you want to emphasize your olive skin tone, purple / pink / red shades are a good idea as it will emphasize the green in the skin. If, on the other hand, you do not want to emphasize the skin tone, you should skip such colors. Gold and khaki green are always super nice on an olive skin!

5. Lust
Since an olive-colored skin tone often naturally has a very nice glow in the skin, it is super nice to emphasize it a little extra! Invest in a nice luminous highlighter that you apply to the cheeks, nasal bone, chin and forehead for a nice glow on the face. On the eyelids, it is nice to combine both matte and shimmery eye shadows, then they emphasize each other.

6. Lips 
In the same way as with the eye shadow, shades such as purple / purple-pink and red will emphasize your olive-colored skin tone, which is super nice, even orange shades are well-pleasing. If you want a softer impression, shades are like apricot, peach and coral a better choice.

Should I recommend specific products, these include Paese, Yag mineral and Golden Rose!

Yag Minerals foundation adapts very well to its own skin tone and I think Soft Beige is a good shade for you more olive skin. Their bronzer and shimmer powder is also to be recommended!

Yag minerals golden eye shadow is suuuperfin on you with olive skin, feel free to complement with a matte brown eye shadow.

Golden Rose Rouge (is ordered, will be in stock again soon) is a peach shade with gold shimmer that fits super well on all skin tones.

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Paeses full-coverage lip gloss finns in both coral shades and purple colors depending on what you are looking for, and theirs nail polish in shade 113 highlights your olive skin tone super fine.

Hope the post was helpful! :)

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