Mila's new trousers

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    My niece Mila (4 years old) has been jealous of me all summer because she likes my soft pants so much. She has been almost a little annoyed with me "but yyyy now you have those nice pants again…." Lol :)

    These pajama pants are very old, and the only reason they were not thrown away is because they are so heavenly beautiful. When I relax with my mother, which has become a lot this summer, it is standard to go into the old closet and pick out these beautiful beans.

    But it's so much fun to make other people happy and surprised, so after the 711th comment by Mila, I sat down at my nice red sewing machine, and sacrificed my most beautiful bras to this little lady:


    Satisfied girl :) Now it was admittedly super quick to sew for them, but I can say that even if it had taken several hours, it would still have been worth her reaction!

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    I walked around with my pants folded in my hand so that it did not appear that they were small. And even when she saw them in my hand, without me saying anything, she said awkwardly. "åhhsch, nice pants…”. You would have seen her mine when I unfolded them then and said "they are for you now Mila!”:) She was so happy!

    And when she had put them on (and I could breathe over that they fit, sewed only with eye measurements) she sat and kissed her on the knees and said "I have such nice pants”Haha, gullungen ♥

    Definitely worth it! Now I just hope she does not fall for more of my pants, this can be addictive;)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. But how happy she looks (and who would not it in such fancy pants with stars and in that color?). What a nice aunt she has. :)

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