My business week v. 8 & 9

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    This week I have only worked Monday and Tuesday, because on Wednesday I took a holiday and am free for two weeks! As free as you can be as a self-employed person in any case;)

    Therefore, I waited with the last Sunday post for this week so that Monday and Tuesday could fit in the same. So last Sunday's post became one theme posts about meditation, healing and imbalance in the neck chakra instead haha, hope you liked it!

    Anyway, it was a packed week + 2 days to catch up with everything before we left, but also so extremely nice when it was finally done!

    Empty the old room
    God, what am I nagging about the relocation, but on March 14 we will be out of the old premises and that is exactly the day we come home from vacation. So our deadline was moved forward and now the room is finally empty. EMPTY!!! You have no idea the relief!

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    It may not sound like the worst big job, but to illustrate slightly how it has been, I had a customer who was eager to buy furniture and when she looked around all the rooms, she turned to me with sympathy in her eyes and said "huur are you going to get this?" Hahaha.

    Our three biggest problems have been:

    1. We do not want to throw away things that are too fine to be rubbish. So we have sold and given away LOTS which is incredibly time consuming
    2. There is a lot we did not want to get rid of if we want to move to a larger room in the future. For our new is at least the team. And everything that is saved for the future must have a place somewhere!
    3. Clear, clear, clear. A lot of storage means that you collect lots of stuff. I do not even understand where everything comes from? I suspect that Annika is a secret hoarder hahaha. We are not talking about drawers but whole wardrobes, chests of drawers and storerooms full of stuff! How did everything end up in our workplace haha!

    The only thing left in the room now is some furniture that a guy bought and then went to Africa for several months… And our large massage chair that we are looking for someone who can rent. Are you eager to rent a worst thing. Massage armchair so shout! :) But Annika is solving this while we are away.

    The savior in distress is Annika's friend Per-Magnus, who is very kind but who also owns a truck. He helped us with the last thing - throwing in the dump and driving stuff to different places with the final destination Annika's greenhouse, woodshed and home where we packed things. Pjuh!

    Here they load stuff on a conveyor belt :)

    Fine-tune the new salon
    There has been some stuff at the new salon that has been half-finished, partly due to lack of time but also because everyone had to settle in and create routines before realizing which solutions are the best.

    In the previous Sunday post, I wrote about our communication list where we talked about everything that needs to be fixed. And on Sunday it was finally done, so nice! Pjuh!

    It has required a lot of planning:

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    And in the middle of all this, you encounter various problems such as. that a large agency goes in a thousand pieces in the middle of the street. That I am too weak to carry large paintings so Miska has to run twice and come and save me because I am so afraid of losing them on the slopes. That the TV screen is so heavy that Miska has to play the hulk to get it up on the wall bracket while I have to "be my eyes" from below and guide him while he completely forgot to tell how the bracket works so I sab everything and it flows sweat in his forehead from the weight (which he absolutely must not lose) and I stand and say "what should I look for when I understand nothing !!!". This is what our Sunday looked like;)

    Here is Miska hanging up paintings! :) We were doing all this for 7 hours in a row last Sunday and it was full so I took no more pictures when we were working.

    Little pictures of the salon
    On our website, there are now old pictures of the salon, which bothers me. But I have been waiting to take new photos until we finished in the new salon and on Monday I made an attempt but realized that I have to take pictures when it is bright outside (I waited until after closing) so it was very difficult to get good light.

    But I have some half-good ones to show you here in the blog anyway! :)

    Directly to the left when you enter, we have a "shop & make-up studio" with two make-up places, one of which you see above :)

    On the wall behind, we have three store shelves with products:

    The Paese shelf was not included in the picture :)

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    In the make-up place picture, you can glimpse a door that leads to a treatment room with two bunks and behind me when I take this picture, I have another make-up place that is the same as out in the make-up studio :)

    Immediately when you enter, we have the checkout counter! It's that screen behind that we set up last Sunday.

    And to the right when you enter we have a small waiting corner with three armchairs and a coffee machine :)

    Then there is also another treatment room after the waiting room that I did not photograph because Annika was lying there and had her lashes fixed. And we have a kitchen area and bathroom as well.

    This is almost how you should film instead, because my camera lens can not be zoomed out that much and since the rooms are not huge, you can mostly take close-ups. So you do not get a sense of wholeness at all, but it looks quite bare and boring in the pictures here? But it's cozy in there actually! :)

    Consultancy job and possible podcast participation
    It's fun with collaborations where you complement each other! Tommy from Peragenda working with business development and our company would not have been as successful as it is today if it were not for Peragenda who helped us. But you are good at different things and now it is changed roles - now it is we (especially Miska) who help Tommy! :)

    Tommy knows everything about company structure, leadership, communication and above all a lot about the brain, behaviors etc. which is useful in all different situations, both to understand his own brain and his employees.

    What can we do then? Well we are a little more familiar with the communication towards potential customers such as social media, an interesting website etc. Things that partly require technical knowledge (where Miska comes into the picture) and interest in how social media works. For example. Miska is redesigning Tommy's website and how he can make it more interesting so that it can be spread on social media.

    Also, I think Tommy should start a podcast! I came up with this because I thought that if Tommy had been a guest on a podcast, I would have really wanted to listen, you can talk to him for hours and it's still just as interesting! But what better marketing for his services than his own podcast? Great fun! :) Nothing is decided at all, but we talk a little about Tommy having his own podcast where he usually has guests but that I am sometimes his sidekick and talk about various entrepreneurial topics. We'll see if that idea gets wings :)

    Miska and Tommy had a meeting this week and Miska said afterwards that it was lucky that Tommy had a booked meeting afterwards so that they had to cancel, otherwise they could have sat and discussed for any length of time :) A positive problem!

    This picture looks like a pose but is actually a sneak peek of Miska haha. He had just done some consulting stuff that he was going to send to Tommy and I'm sitting and giving input too. Reads from his computer and writes on my own, so not super advanced but I look like the worst business woman;)

    Blog posts during the holidays
    It was so nice when I pressed the "set time button" for the last post before the holiday. I really do not want the blog's standard to go down just because I'm free, so then you have to catch up in advance!

    I have not had time to do make-up for all days, but then you get a product review instead! :) Here I review a brow pomade! I also painted an eyebrow on my hand to test if the durability was as good as the product promised.

    This is the last business week post in two weeks, next Sunday we still have a holiday and the Sunday after that we have come home the Thursday before so then I do not have material for a whole post;) And on March 15 the last scheduled make-up will be published, then come a more tanned Helena to appear here in the blog!

    Lash lift apprentice
    This Monday, I took advantage of pleasure when I lent my eyes to our new makeup artist Shafiee who is currently undergoing training and will start taking clients from April onwards if everything goes well!

    She did permanent eyelash (lash lift) on me and it turned out really well :)

    I get nice lashes before the holiday at the same time as I get professional staff, me like;)

    Here is the result! Soft and natural bend I want :)

    Customers on the conveyor belt!
    The day before the holiday, I had a fully booked afternoon with customers who took the opportunity to get nice lashes before my holiday. Plus a customer who went all the way from Åland to get product tips from me specifically, so, so fun! Imagine people taking a boat across the Baltic Sea and then going to Creative Makeup in Uppsala just for us, honoring!

    So much fun when Annika accompanies me to the salon as well, she does not work with customers yet but now she was also an eyelash model for Shafiee who is learning. Annika's daughter is soon 7 weeks old and has got her name now, Mileya ♥ It is pronounced Mileja :)

    Miska meanwhile entertained Mileya:

    Haha so cute!

    When I got home on Tuesday night, I could fall asleep with a good feeling in my body. The old premises are empty and on the Monday after we get home we return the keys to the landlord. The new premises are completed. The summer planning is complete and the training of our new makeup artist is progressing at a brilliant pace.

    The situation is under control.

    Now I will rest up, meditate and heal :)

    A big hug to you all! ♥

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    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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