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    Hi Helena! I wonder if you put on make-up every day even when you are not doing a make-up to show in the blog? And if you do, how do you put on make-up? I have for me that you wrote that you used to always be unmade up if you did not have time to do a whole step by step, but that you have now become better at everyday make-up just to feel more uplifted :) How much makeup do you have then about? ”

    Yes, that's exactly right, it's not every morning I have time to take a blog make - up and before that I skipped make - up completely. Now, on the other hand, I like to spruce up a little more in the morning, so I usually put on make-up anyway, but there are also days when I am completely unmade up, even though I have to work at the salon.

    Right now, it's basically always the way I look every day!

    I do the base and eyebrows the same as when I take photos for the blog, it is the one that takes the most time. I have to have several steps for the make-up to hold on to my extremely oily skin, so it is basically the same routine all the time.

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    Contouring also around the eyes
    At the same time as contouring my face, I also do contouring my eyes. Because I like when the eyes get a little more depth / shape and it goes in a few seconds! If you are wondering how I do contouring around the eyes, you will see a tutorial on it in my previous make-up ”Light glitter makeup with Crystalline”In the first steps of that make-up, I do contouring on the eyelid with exactly the same products that I use on the face.

    Then I get a little eyeshadow effect without having eyeshadow :)

    8 out of 10 times I use the colored lip balm Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in the shade Ripe Raspberry. I have three pieces of the same that I use: one in the make-up corner at home, one in my handbag and when I had an office at work I had one on the desk there as well. So amazingly good! The lips are moisturized but not too creamy and get a nice color that is easy to improve on.

    And the days I use another lip product, I often choose a color that works with this lip balm, then I do not need to bring the lipstick I used in the morning but improve during the day with this lip balm only. Then it will gradually only be this lip balm left at the end of the evening;)

    Some kind of funny detail
    I always add some kind of detail that makes the make-up not just "base + mascara". I am currently 100% inside eyeliner with wing! I think I get such nice eyes in it and also it lifts the gaze nicely without having to do an advanced eye shadow make-up.

    I have had glitter in the corner of my eye almost every day since October too :) Never get tired! It can be done discreetly for just a little invigorating effect of the eyes. Glitter does not have to mean party makeup. click here to see a make-up with bright, light green glitter in the corner of the eye.

    Very often I have a splash of color somewhere as well, usually it turns either yellow in the corner of the eye or turquoise at the bottom of the lower lash line. click here to see a make-up with yellow in the corner of the eye.

    Right now I always have Pixis glitter in light or gold in the corner of the eye + a little in the middle of the eyelid.

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    Product list
    I vary a little but usually it will be the same products, here is the product list for everything I used in the pictures in this post:

    Face primer oily skin - Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer
    Gelfoundation -
    Pixi H2O Skintint (2 Nude)
    Concealer - glo Under Eye Concealer (Golden)
    Dehydrating powders - Paese Bamboo Silk Powder
    Powder that neutralizes redness - glo Redness relief powder
    Contouring - Paese Contouring Palette (2)
    Highlighter (with lights) - Pixi Glow-Y-Powder (London luster)
    Rouge - Paese blush (35)
    Fixing Mist - Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

    Eyebrows - glo Micro Brow Pencil (Raven)

    Light glitter - Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights (Crystalline)
    Eyeliner - Kryolan Cake Liner (Black) mixed with Kryolan Cake Liner Sealer instead of water to make it waterproof
    Mascara -  Magnetic Lash Mascara
    Lip Balm - Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm (Ripe Raspberry)

    I'm always quite frugal with mascara when I do not have much eye makeup, think it's nice with just a little lashes then. I usually have a half-empty mascara for weekdays and a more newly opened one for blog make-up.

    Time required
    How long this takes can vary even if the make-up is kind of the same. Sometimes I have extra time and then I also pick my eyebrows, sing to good songs, drink coffee and generally cuddle at every step. Covering some pimples can go very fast if I am in a hurry or I am very careful with every dot. If I'm in the mood, I can e.g. work on details such as painting a light pencil around the lips first and applying the lip balm with a brush or a suitable lip pencil so that I get razor-sharp lip contours.

    So anything from 10 to 40 minutes for the same makeup haha!

    So yes, this is an everyday look for me even though I use around 15 products together haha. It happens when you think it's fun!

    Hope you who asked the question were satisfied with the answer and that the rest of you thought it was a little fun to read as well :) Would be great fun to hear how all of you put on make-up everyday!

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    Hug ♥

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