Moisturizing hand alcohol

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    Winter is a real cold period and wherever you go, there is always someone who coughs and feels bad. Then a hand alcohol is very nice to always have with you, so you can quickly "wash your hands" immediately after the bus ride or when you feel like it.

    And for me as a makeup artist, it is also important to have clean hands, but if you put on a lot of make-up on a conveyor belt, you may not have time to wash your hands all the time. Then hand alcohol is also super good!

    But I personally have never liked hand alcohol, not even those that are supposed to moisturize and smell good, I think I keep what they promise. The hands feel dehydrated after a few times and the scents either smell of alcohol or too strong of anything else added.

    This is how I have felt until now, when I have tested Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash which is a softening and moisturizing hand sanitizer that kills bacteria! It's great!

    Aesop is on HERE and costs SEK 79 for 50 ml.

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    The bottle is small and convenient to carry in your handbag / make-up bag. And the opening is a small hole that drips out the hand alcohol, and it is easy to push out more if you want a larger amount quickly. In other words, it is easy to get both a single drop or a "pool" depending on how much you want :)

    The scent is quite natural, I can not really put my finger on it but it smells good I think, quite mild when you have got it on your hands. The scent disappears quickly.

    And the feeling is wonderful, the wet surface evaporates quickly and you are not at all sticky or damp afterwards but just very soft and smooth on the hands!

    You can use it as many times as you like and your hands still feel moisturized.

    Two thumbs up! :)

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