My makeup room

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    I have received lots of questions if I can not show more pictures of what it looks like at our salon Creative Makeup By Her, and I absolutely can! :)

    I actually do not really know why I have not done it before, but it's probably because we have had so many plans for changes all the time so I always think "we should just get this board up here first" or "we will soon fix more nice around the mirrors here so I wait a bit ”. And besides, I have considered buying a wide-angle lens as well because it is not so easy to take pictures either and get it as nice as it looks in reality.

    But I still thought that I can now show you, one room at a time, how we have this :) And then I can fix nicer and better pictures, and maybe a movie too, when we get to all the rooms even better! Hope you think it's fun :)

    First out is my and Miska's room, where there are no customers, but here we sit and work in peace and quiet when we are not out in the store. The best room in the world!


    We have two doors, from one I come out into the makeup studio and the other leads to the waiting room. And here you see our three massage chairs! Luxuriously worse huh;)

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    When I have lots of computer work to do, I usually have a cup of coffee and sit here, turn on massage and heat in the armchair and work until my fingers glow. You get so much done when you can relax your body and let your inspiration and brain work at full speed instead!

    Sometimes I get a bad conscience when those who work out in the store come in and ask things, like "here I sit and feel good in my massage chair" but I work at least 12 hours every day and I have the opportunity to do it in a cozy way any hour so why not? Only my own brain ghosts who think you have to have back pain and sweat to do a good job, but that's not so clear. And I'm pretty sure they do not envy me that either haha.

    Then it might be worse when I had forgotten the data charger at home one day and had to go home earlier to be able to work, and said the day after "me and Miska worked at home yesterday, we tested a bath foam!" and showed pictures of when we were in the bathtub haha. But it must also be done to be able to write a review;)


    And here you see the office corner! My little desk on the left, and Miskas a little bigger on the right. However, I regret a bit that I bought a smaller desk, need more space haha. But when I do a lot of paperwork, I usually sit on the floor :)


    And I also have my make-up and photo place in here! It's bright outside but the flash and backlight make it look like night :)

    When I worked in the apartment, I had a make-up area in the kitchen and photo studio in the living room / bedroom (live in a studio) but now I can take photos step by step while I put on my make-up, and do not have to get up and go to the other room after small eyeshadow color, so nice!

    And then I have a white background screen on a tripod that I put behind the chair when I take photos, to get a bright and clean background in the pictures.

    Then I forgot to take pictures of the other corner, but there is at least an IKEA bureau full of make-up and products, and a bar table that I place in front and use when I take product pictures. Practically! But will soon need another agency, I feel, haha, it is packed!


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    My eye stones next to the makeup mirror - Kleenex cube with napkins, makeup brushes from Nashy and 6 make-up palettes from Pixi Book of Beauty that look like cute books!

    And my beloved makeup mirror comes from* and I just saw that they have the worst sale on the website, some mirrors are 1000 kroner cheaper, including the one I have :) They have more sizes and colors as well.


    My favorite place on earth ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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