My skincare routine

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    Here is a post with my skincare routine for oily skin, which is also quite sensitive! I change products a little now and then, right now e.g. so I review a lot from Solution by Victus, but the actual routine and product types are basically the same no matter what brand I have on the products :)

    Your base makeup all looks so nice these days! I wonder if you can make a post with your skincare routine? Has the same skin type as you, ie oily! Do you think the bass make-up will be so hard to get good and hold !! Grateful for answers!

    This is the 3rd comment in a fairly short time that wants a post about my skincare routine. So now I got my thumbs out :)

    The reason I did not do this already after the first wish is because I have been quite "jumpy" in the routine for a while now, so the post would not have been so rewarding hehe. Now I have washed off the make-up with shampoo as well (NOTE moisturizing shampoo from Hårologi which is great for the scalp, so it is not as bad as it sounds) and then used a moisturizer one day and then got hungry for another moisturizer the day after haha.

    No shooting routine in other words;) But still be careful to 1. get the skin completely clean and 2. moisturize properly. So the skin has stayed at the same level as before anyway actually!

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    But now I have entered a much better period again! So good that I even smeared the skin with face mask before work instead of moisturizer when I would still just sit unmade in the office all day. So pampered is my skin;)


    It is a water divider whether it is good to clean the skin twice a day or not, because water is dehydrating. But for my oily skin that easily gets unclean pores, etc., I notice extremely big difference on the skin if I neglect the cleansing in the morning. It's really important to me!

    Right now I'm using the cleaner Solution by Victus Deep Wash. All products I have from this brand I have received as a press sample. I like it a lot! You really get that clean feeling and all the night-fleet that comes when you sleep disappears immediately. The skin does not feel so dry and tight afterwards either. I wash once and rinse off quickly. I do not have much patience in the morning to massage in the products and the like, but the skin is still very clean from this.

    "Now she forgot to write the step about toner" you think now. But I'll be honest with you, in the morning I skip toner, 100% out of laziness. Yep I'm so awful! But I am so careful with my evening routine anyway and in the morning I just want to get started with the makeup so I am as fast as possible in the bathroom then. Some periods I love to start the day with a body shower and have a cozy moment with a cup of coffee and 10 different skin care products before I start the day, but right now I am really not in such a period.

    So yep - we jump straight to the moisturizer!

    Spf: I almost always use a moisturizer that has spf, it does not have to be very high because I am never out in the sun for long periods but I sit a lot in front of the computer screen so I always want some protection anyway. If I do not have spf in the moisturizer, I always have a foundation or primer that has it instead.

    Moisturizer for oily skin: In the morning, it is extra important that the moisturizer should suit oily skin. This is the most important step for the base make-up to both look good and last all day. I want a very moisturizing cream, to dry out the skin or skimp on moisture is really not the right solution. But it is just as important that the cream sinks in well and must not settle as an oily film on the skin surface! So 1. moisturizing and 2. sinking in properly, these are the most important properties.

    Right now I use a moisturizer that is also from Solution By Victus, it's called Still Young as it is intended to counteract the onset of early signs of aging. It contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals which in turn counteract the breakdown of collagen. I like this one because it meets all the criteria I want for a moisturizer for oily skin (even if it is not specifically adapted for just that) and has SPF 20! The only thing I do not like about it is that it is a bit too thick in the formula, I like creams that glide on quickly and easily but this one is a bit more compact as well. But I can live with that! :)

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    More tips on moisturizers that I like for oily skin and both morning and evening are HynE Anti Age Creme, Santum Moisture Concentrate and Maria Åkerberg Face Lotion Clearing. All of them are very moisturizing but sink quickly into the skin :) None of these contain sunscreen, but as I said, you can have that in your makeup base as well.

    Eye cream
    I use eye cream every morning too! Always the same Sanctum Firning Eye Balm which is 100% natural and 95% organic. It gives a lot of moisture but sinks in quickly so that it is still easy to apply concealer and such under the eyes.

    Yes it was the morning routine there, 3 products, fast and easy!


    In the evening I am more careful and that routine is a bit more like the life of a beauty crazy;)

    Wash off makeup
    I distinguish between the steps "cleaning" and "wash off the makeup", because first the makeup and all the spf and stuff should go away and then I want something that just washes away everything effectively. It does not necessarily have to be adapted to my particular skin type. The most important thing is that it is effective because I do quite extreme make-up that sits like a rock and I think it is most gentle on the skin to get rid of it quickly than to e.g. have a very caring and gentle product but that you have to work long hours to get rid of all makeup residue.

    Sometimes I do this with micellar water, sometimes with an oily cleansing balm and sometimes with a makeup remover on a cotton pad - and right now I do this with my shampoo Hairology FOB Shampoo. As I said, not an ordinary shampoo but a very moisturizing and skin care, so it is not as bad as it sounds! I know my ingredients :) NOTE I do not know if I as a retailer can say that the shampoo works for the face, it may have to be tested around the eyes and stuff then. So I'm not saying you should do the same;)

    So first remove with the makeup then I clean the skin with a cleanser that is adapted to my skin type. I now use the same cleanser as in the morning - Solution by Victus Deep Wash which is not at all effective enough to remove makeup, pretty bad for it even if you put on as much makeup as I do, but perfect as a second cleanser for the skin!

    Pixi Glow Tonic! Amazing! My skin is not only oily and oily but also very sensitive, so I can not have too strong acids and stuff on the skin, I do not like that feeling. But Pixi Glow Tonic is an exfoliating toner / toner that is mild enough to suit my skin and effective enough for me to notice a difference whether I use it or not. It removes dead skin cells with AHA acid.

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    The skin also feels a little firmer without feeling tight, which I like, I do not know exactly how to describe it .. So my oily skin often feels soft, oily and as if the pores "relax" and are completely open, but this cleanses the pores and makes the skin feel more closed in some way. But not as terribly tight and dry as my skin gets from e.g. bha-acid 2% BHA Liquid from Paula´s Choice, then I wake up at night and get up and lubricate myself just because it feels like the skin is one size too small haha. But Pixi Glow Tonic is just right and can be found in my webshop!

    I wrote a blog post before when I reviewed two serums from Solution by Victus, one for the eyes and one acne-adapted for the face. You can read more about them in this post! There I also recommend the moisturizer HynE Anti Age Creme which I also really liked! Got sad when it ended

    After the eye serum, I use the same eye cream as in the morning -  Sanctum Firning Eye Balm.

    Oily skin needs oil! On the one hand, one should not be afraid of oily products for oily skin because fat dissolves fat. In addition, the skin needs a lot of moisture and fat so that it does not have to produce even more oil and "lubricate itself", which can happen if you dry out the skin. In the evening you do not have to worry about the shine either because you should still just sleep, so take the opportunity to scoop on moisture and fat then :)

    The oil I use regularly is Infinatura Cura Oil! I use it for cuticles, hair, face, dry legs, everything! It contains 8 natural oils and the formula is specially developed to suit everything, it is greasy and moisturizing enough to lubricate properly but also so light that it sinks in quickly and does not become too greasy as well. It is also available in my web shop because when I got it home in a goodie bag at an event several years ago, I fell in LOVE and contacted the distributor directly! It is also available in a small 10 ml bottle and it's the one I have on my face.

    Night cream or night mask
    In conclusion, I use either a face mask that you can wear overnight, right now this is Solution by Victus Face On which is so incredibly nice! Or I use a regular moisturizer / night cream. Usually it is the same moisturizer as in the morning because I still have serum and oil underneath, so it does not always have to be a worst-night cream. Tips on moisturizers can be seen during the morning routine higher up in the post.

    This with having a face mask as a moisturizer is really a new craze I have, it really feels like you pamper the skin and one night I slept with it on the whole décolleté too! MYS! The one from Solution by Victus is very thick and glides easily on the skin so you do not need much at all and it is not sticky at all or so but as an extra soft and creamy moisturizer only. My skin loves it!

    About once a week

    Then there are some products that I do not have in the daily routine but which I indulge in a little now and then and that is to first deep clean the skin and then moisture bomb it immediately afterwards. That combo is well suited for my skin type because it gets easily unclean and needs a deep cleansing at regular intervals, but if I do not moisture bomb it afterwards, many deep cleansing products can make it tight and irritated and I do not like that either.

    Deep cleaning
    I always do the deep cleaning in connection with washing my hair. Because then the skin has time to heat up properly in the steam first while I wash my hair and then I have something to do while the hair wrap works :)

    Peeling - First I clean the skin with regular cleansing and then I apply an enzyme peel or an exfoliator on the face. Here are lots of different ones that I like! Maria Åkerberg Papaya Peeling is an enzyme peel for impure skin that I like. Comfort Zone also has one but did not find a link to it anywhere, it may have been deleted?

    Pork clamps - Immediately after washing off the peeling or the deep cleansing mask, I stand in front of the bathroom mirror and clean the skin with a pore clamp. For now, the skin is soft and the blackheads are as it were dissolved, but many are still there. I always use the pork clamp gently on the skin, you must not get stuck to the mirror and work hard because the skin really does not feel good! If you are someone who has a hard time quitting, it is better not to start haha. But now the skin is so soft so I just pull the little loop over the skin and all the blackheads pop up. One pork clamps are available for purchase here.

    Deep cleansing face mask - Then I apply a deep cleansing face mask, there are many good ones! Lumene Deep Cleansing Peat Mask is a great clay mask. Nivea 1 Minute Detox Mask is also good, it feels like it is active! My favorite clay masks from Botanicals have been discontinued from our range, but I have some of them left at home that I continue to use as well. I love clay masks that do not solidify! But in principle all clay masks are good I think, clay is a safe bet.

    Moisturizing face mask - Then it is important for my skin that I finish with a mild and moisturizing mask. Otherwise, the whole animal cleanser will be a little strong for the skin. Here I always use different! I get some press releases on sheat masks from different brands and have a lot of samples here and there so there are almost always different masks actually. Moisturizing masks are almost never bad I think, the only thing I usually check is that the content does not mostly just consist of silicones hehe. I am not against silicones in make-up and certain products, but in a mask where you want as much skin care ingredients as possible and that it should still be washed away, it feels unnecessary to spend the money on silicones.

    I photographed a bit mixed here because it is so different what I use: Peeling on the left, deep cleansing masks and a pork clamp in the middle and moisturizing masks on the right :)

    Before, I only used Sanctum for several years. It is certified organic products that are 100% natural and also the packaging is biodegradable in nature. Available in my web shop. They are great and you can flush them down the drain with a clear conscience! However, these are not super-active products with acids and stuff, but more for everyone who has small skin problems and wants nice products that care and moisturize and feel nice on the skin :) But after using them for so many years, I got product abstinence and as soon as I started getting used to press samples it went downhill and since then I have changed skin care products look like tight haha!

    Hope you who wanted this skin care post got answers to all your questions and that you others also thought it was interesting :)




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