When the false eye shadow ends up on the floor

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I, who am a real customer maya, should not really have things that are easy to lose.
On the other hand, thanks to that, I have learned some tips that are good when the accident has occurred!
Now I will share the trick I use the most, because I do a little now and then overturns my cans with false eye shadow.
When the whole jar of false eye shadow ends up upside down, you have to think about it
a little extra before trying to have it back in the jar again. So you get in so very as possible!
Nothing must be wasted;)

1. Add one paper on the floor.
2. Bring out a large one brush.
3. Sweep up the eyeshadow on the paper.

Like this!

Then it's just that pour back in the jar! :)
Smart huh? ;)
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