Natural makeup on guys and men

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    This tip obviously applies to both girls and boys who want to look unmade up, but still put away things they do not like, such as. blemishes and bags under the eyes. But every now and then I get questions from guys who feel that it is important not to look made up at all, so now I thought I would make a post about it!

    My nice Miska has set up as a model :) He is an incredibly simple model to show this on, because he already has such heavenly nice skin!

    I first use "invisible makeup" which is two face primers with different properties. Then I use mineral make-up, it is so good because you do not have to use it all over the face to get an even result, but you can still be unmade up on large parts of the face without it looking strange and uneven.


    There are three important points to keep in mind:
    1. Do I only have a little to cover? In such cases, concealer and mineral powder are sufficient.
    2. Do I have a lot to cover? Then it is good with sun powder and preferably glow powder as well, to get back the shape and more life in the face. Otherwise you look flat and a little unnatural.
    3. The area that is most difficult to make up for irregularities in if you are still to feel like yourself, is the eyes. You are so used to looking yourself in the eye in the mirror. If you want to be completely natural and just have a flawless complexion, you can skip makeup around the eyes completely and leave the irregularities.

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    I have made up Miska with all the details I came up with, even though he does not need everything, just so you can see the difference. Here are the before and after:

    kill makeup

    Here, Miska has no makeup at all on the sides of the face, except for a little sun powder, and yet the skin looks so heavenly perfect! Actually, I only had to do steps 3 and 6 to get a flawless result, and possibly 7 and 8 also because it's nice.

    But here is a list of everything I have applied, I have made up in this order as well:

    1. Face primer for dry / normal skin all over the face, Paese Make Up Base Smoothing.
    2. Face primer filling the pores in the areas where it is needed, NYX Pore Filler.

    3. Green concealer on blemishes, Yag mineral Concealer Covers Red works well, but I have actually used an upcoming novelty from Yag which is a green concealer pen.
    4. Light concealer both under and over the eyes, Yag mineral Concealer Covers Dark.
    5. Beige eyeliner along the waterline, Paese Eye Pencil Beige.

    6. Mineral Foundation everywhere I have put concealer, + a little around the nose out on the cheeks, Yag mineral foundation.
    7. Sun pillows in the deep parts of the face, e.g. the sides of the nose, chin, forehead and under the cheekbones, Yag mineral bronzer.
    8. Glow pillows on nose, forehead, cheeks and chin for more radiance in the face, Paese Glow Powder.

    Tip! When you have applied the sun powder on the selected parts of the face, then lightly wipe with the brush over the entire face (when you have some sun powder left on the brush, but not much) close your eyes and apply over the eyelids as well, you get a little more color and shape in the whole face!

    If you, like me, have also removed a lot of irregularities around the eyes, then you can put a little extra sun powder on the eyelids, so that they get more shape again. You can apply it with a small brush.

    Then do not forget to moisturize a top and remove any makeup residue from the lips!

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    Other details (not important, but nice):
    9. Eyebrow shadow (slightly) on the eyebrows.
    10. Brown eyeliner on any birthmarks and things that have happened to end up under the make-up (I have not done this on Miska)
    11. Concealer pen around the lips to strengthen the contours (coming to the webshop soon)
    12. Lip balm without color for natural and healthy lips.

    makeup guys

    Is not he cute! :)

    I can add that he went to his friend after this, who did not notice any difference. So that's a good review!

    Now I'm going to a salon opening ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Do you have a question when it comes to boys' beards, do you wear make-up there or do you leave that area alone?
      + Do you have any tips on where to get in touch if you are looking for internship places at a MUA? Super grateful for the answer: D

      Hug! Love you blog! :)

    2. As natural as it became, I really would not think that he had any makeup if one had not been able to compare with before and after the pictures. Fresh :)

    3. Great result :-)
      But what do you do when you use two different primers? Is it like not cake on cake? Too much primer gives poorer durability on the make-up, right?

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