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I wrote in a post a while ago that I have quite recently removed all the gel from the nails, gel that has been sitting for a few months after I stopped fixing the nails at the salon.

Therefore, there are two nice nuances of Paese Nail Polish which I have not been able to show before, because they are natural and a bit transparent so my gel nails would have shone through if I tried to show you. But they are super nice now that I have very nice nails naturally :)


The nail polish from Paese differs a bit depending on which shade you choose, most colors become completely opaque after only a thin layer, e.g. the pink nails I wrote about in this post. There I have only painted one layer.

But the shades 103 and 104 are more in the natural direction, and there it is meant that they should not be as opaque because all the different layers are nice in different ways. For many, just one layer is enough and it will be great!

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Here are pictures of these two nail polishes:


The shade 103 is an illuminating nail polish with a light beige-pink tone.

♥ After a layer, the nails get a nice shine and a discreet brightening effect.
♥ My favorite is after 2 layers, as the shade is very light and nice but you can still see the nail underneath clearly.
♥ And after 3 coats, you have an even lighter color that is really nice too!


The shade 104 is a light bubble gum pink shade that gives more color to the nails!

♥ After a layer, the nails get a nice shine and a discreet light pink color.
♥ My favorite is after 2 layers, as the color is clear but you can still see that the nail underneath shines through.
♥ And after 3 coats, you have a comprehensive result and nice bubble gum pink nails!

What do you think is the finest, one or more layers? :)

I personally think that two layers are the finest, but I love all three varieties!


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It is also nice to mix, here is a pink layer on top of the light nail polish!

The only thing that is important is to paint thin layers and wait until the nails are completely dry before painting the next one. Paese's nail polish dries quickly, but if you paint two thick layers in a row and get a comprehensive result immediately, then the varnish will be soft for a long time (applies to basically all nail polish, not just Paese) and you will not make time for it in the end when you stand there with half of your nails destroyed and have to start over.

If you are careful when painting, Paese's nail polish can last for a week without getting ugly and abraded! It depends a bit on what you have for nail quality as well, but I have read many reviews on the Internet and they are rewritten precisely for their long durability, and I have on also received a review written after 5 days "Have had it for 5 days now and not a single chafed nail yet :) ”, super cool!

These two shades still only cost 25 kronor on Christmas sale on! :)

Hugs are!

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