Foldable eyebrow knives

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    Foldable eyebrow knives are good because they last longer without becoming dull, and I also feel a little fresher!

    And right from the start, they are sharper and more effective than many eyebrow knives, which I like. It was almost shocking to go from my old lazy who lay and got worn out among all the makeup - to this effective one! What a difference!

    What is a whetstone?
    An eyebrow knife is not as sharp as a razor blade and more adapted to remove small hairs and "scabs". In addition, the shape is adapted to get good precision around the eyebrows.

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    Why use a whetstone?
    Some people use a sharpening knife instead of tweezers, to quickly clean around a bit. But most people use it as a complement - first you pick the eyebrows and then you remove all the small hairs around the mold so that it is completely clean. All small straws are very time consuming to remove with tweezers and almost completely impossible to remove exactly all.

    It is also a perfect quick fix when you have not had time to pick your eyebrows and quickly need to get rid of everyone who is growing out.

    I hold the knife at the same inclination as the edge, pull with small gentle pulls down and stop right where the edge begins.

    It's very simple! It is not so sharp that you risk suddenly shaving off half the eyebrow or something like that;)

    Can you use an eyebrow knife for the rest of your face?
    Yes it is possible, but I recommend threading the face instead (preferably on a treatment but I myself use one epistick) so you get the straws removed from the root instead. Otherwise, the straws become a little stubby when they grow out, and even if it is not visible, many people think it feels rough. If you remove the straws from the root instead, the new straw grows out with a soft and narrow top.

    However, I must admit that I myself usually use it on my face sometimes anyway, let a person live a little;)

    For example, the knife BrowGame Cosmetics Eyebrow Shaping Knife Foldable (adlink) which I can really recommend!

    Hug ♥

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