New podcast episode - Goals without generalizations

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    Now we have published the third episode of the podcast "Effective in Reality" where I am a sidekick with Tommy who drives the business development! :)

    I have a throat infection again so I really hope my voice does not sound too strained. I do not get hoarse but just have a little hard to talk, but may not think that people who are not used to listening to me hear it (?) But Miska says that I sound like a rubber hose that you try to tear apart but it does not work, Lol!

    Here is Tommy sitting and preparing :) He looked good rich in our throne at the salon haha!

    Goals without generalizations

    Just saying "write clear goals" is not enough for us think often that we write clear goals - but we do not! Most goals are full of generalizations, nice words and often completely immeasurable. Then you stand there a year later, you wonder why you did not reach the goals this year either. Or as we ourselves have encountered several times - that the goals have been so unclear that it is a question of interpretation whether they have been reached or not.

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    In our 3rd section, you get tips on how to stop generalizing and become clearer - both when writing the target image and in your communication!

    Ex: If I were to write ”We will increase the quality of our treatments to get more satisfied customers”So it sounds like a good point on the target image, at first glance, but really it is very unclear. Firstly: how much should we increase? It is enough with a tiny improvement and you have reached the goal. Above all, you stand there a year later and say "yes, we have increased quite well, I think" and that is an opinion rather than facts.

    What is the purpose of the goal? - Helps you prioritize.
    What is the purpose of presenting the goal to your employees? - That they should be peppered and help to reach the goal.

    And if they are to work to reach the goal, they need to Understand the goal! Otherwise you continue to work as usual and even though everyone is struggling and struggling, you still do not reach the goal because everyone has different priorities. You do what you think is most prio.

    Communicate more clearly without generalizations

    But we generalize and are generally unclear most of the time actually. In the section, you get a lot of tips on how to be clear and how to stop generalizing, because it happened so easily!

    You also get tips on how to do when others generalize! ”Everyone thinks that"Or"it happens all the time"You often hear, but after asking a few questions about the problem, you realize that it is not 'all' and 'all the time' without a few exceptions.

    Overall a very useful and "tipful" section! I often find that podcasts talk very generally about what is good and bad but not concrete how you have to think and do to make it so good! :) But we were pretty good at that in this episode, I think.

    Here can you listen to the podcast! It is available in Acast, Podcasts and the usual places, but not on Spotify.

    And feel free to respond, preferably if you like the pod haha but all opinions are welcome haha! ♥

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    Hug! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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