Noodle lips for light skin

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    “I love Paese's lipsticks and have several shades from before, they are super good! I have fair skin and would like to buy a nice nude shade as well, but have a hard time knowing which one to choose, can you not make a post about them? ”

    Paese has four light nude shades that are perfect for people with light skin, and they are shades 17, 35, 37 and 38:


    17 – A matte, medium light tone that goes a bit with coral / apricot.
    35 – The best-selling shade, and also the lightest. This lipstick is lustrous and has a neutral tone.
    37 – A matte shade that is about as dark / light as 17, but goes more in the pink direction.
    38 – The second lightest shade, and is just like 35 also luminous and neutral in tone, but is slightly darker than 35.

    My tip is to choose a tone that is a little darker than your own skin tone, to get a natural and harmonious result. Because there are few who naturally have lighter lips than the skin.

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    Then which tone to choose, one that goes for pink, beige or coral / apricot, it is partly a matter of taste, but also depends a bit on your own colors. The idea with nude lips is that they should blend in a little in the face and not stand out in any way, so if you have a warm skin tone, it is a good idea to have a warm tone on the nude pin, and vice versa.

    But another tip that is easy to apply, is to look at the natural color of the lip, and choose a nude shade in the same tone. For example. so most have lips that go in the pink direction, and few work a nude pin that goes in pink super well.

    In other words, there is no right answer, but now you know a little how to think :)


    I use the shade 35 often, but rarely on the whole lips. I usually use it together with another lipstick, then I apply that color to the entire lips, and then 35 in the middle for a little more plut effect.

    But the pen that I use most often, and then on the whole lip, it is the shade 17:

    1422033518-7902Fint va? 17 on the whole lip and then 35 in the middle is also great :)

    Paese's lipstick is on and costs SEK 79.

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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