Novelty! Paese Artist Blush

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    Paese (which I sell in my web shop) has two different blushes in the range! Partly Paese Powder Blush which I showed swatch pictures on last week (in this post) and now also the news Paese Artist Blush!

    Here is more info and swatch pictures of these:

    So what's the difference between these Artist Blush and the regular Powder Blush blushes?

    The answer is the pigment! Powder blush has a lot of pigment and is very easy to use, but Artist blush has even more pigment and suits people who love a stronger blush color. Also good on darker skin tones as blushes with less pigment have a tendency to not look so good.

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    A blush is not like an eye shadow where the rule "the more pigment the better" applies because the blush should not be full coverage. But when you apply the blush, you want it to go quickly and easily in a few swipes with the brush, so it is very easy to choose blush not only by color but also by the amount of pigment.

    In other words: If you want more color on the cheeks, it will take longer if you have a blush with less pigment because then you have to "build up" the desired color and dip the brush in the blush several times. Then it is better to choose a blush that is already more colorful so it still goes in one go!

    And the same on the contrary, if you want a discreet / appropriate color on the cheeks but have a blush with a lot of pigment, then you need to be more careful so that you do not get too much, which also takes longer. But if you have a perfectly pigmented blush, you can also do it in one go!

    And misunderstand me right, I will add here :) Artist Blush are extra strong colors and even more pigment, but it is not Easter cut blush either but gives an even and nice color to the cheeks and is incredibly smooth and easy to apply!

    60 is a deep coral color that is completely matte.
    61 is a cooler and brighter pink tone. Also completely matte.
    62 is a peach color with gold shimmer that gives the cheeks a radiant glow! I did not manage to get this golden glow at all in the pictures though, the flash knocks out the glitter grains almost completely.

    As you can see, they become a little softer on the skin. They can look almost scary colorful in the packaging :)

    My favorite is without a doubt the shade 60 which is a hugely nice coral color! Especially now that it's summer and I'm a little tan on my face, it highlights it very nicely.

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    They have nice packaging too, a luxurious box with a mirror inside!

    If you have any questions, just shout :) They are available to buy HERE!

    Hugs are ♥


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