New - Paese Sheer Glow Powder!

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I got the wish to write a post about how to get a "dewy look", ie a complexion with a really healthy and nice glow, and it fits incredibly well now that I have just posted a news item in the webshop - Paese Sheer Glow Pressed Powder!

To get a skin with a lot of radiance, it is brief moisture, moisture, moisture, moisture and peeling that applies. No dead skin cells and a properly moisturized skin simply. But it's not as easy as it sounds, and then you can cheat with a lustrous powder instead :)

The most important thing with such a powder is that it must not be too shimmery, you want a natural glow in the skin and not a glittery face. And it gives Paese Glow Powder without a doubt, you get such an incredibly nice glow and you can easily vary if you want a lot or a little glow.

I usually only use quite a bit of it on the face, and then quite a lot on the body (super nice on the shoulders and collarbones!) But today I have put it on the forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin, brow bone, cupid's bow and corner of the eye to take a clear before and replica for you! It will be so heavenly nice! :)


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Before and after glow powder. The rest of the base is from Yag Mineral!

lustrous pillows

I apply the powder with a fluffy powder brush in the right size. This brush comes from the Eco Friendly set from Bh Cosmetics (recycled material and synthetic hair). It's awesome!


Fint va ?? :)

I sell a glow powder from Yag mineral already, the difference is that Paese is available in several shades so you can adapt to how dark / light you are. And besides, Paese is a pressed powder instead of loose powder, which is a matter of taste what you like to work with. 


Paese Glow Powder is now available on and costs SEK 139.

Two big thumbs up I say!

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