Nude umbrella lips

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A simple trick to get a little extra plump "everyday lips" is to combine two different nude lipsticks with each other! It is effective while the lips are discreet and natural.

Choose a nude shade that suits your skin tone (a tip is to choose a tone that is a little darker than your skin tone) and one that is a little lighter. Apply the slightly darker pencil on the entire lips, and then dab a little lightly with the light lipstick in the middle of the lips.

The result is super nice noodle lips that also look more plump:) If you want to enhance the effect even more, you can also apply a little transparent lip gloss in the middle of the lips.

In this picture I have used this lipstick from paese in shades no. 17 and no. 35! Available at and costs SEK 79. These lipsticks contain argan oil, which is great for those of you who get dry lips now that the cold is starting to come!

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Hope you have a very cozy evening, I will have it! Miska is not home so I should light some candles (he usually does not like it because it gets so hot in our small apartment), drink a cup of tea and continue working in front of the computer until he gets home. We are going to Cape Verde in 3 weeks (!) So there is a lot to prepare before then so I am full :)

Hugs are !!

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