New Year's summary 2015

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    Good morning sweets!

    How are you today? Weary? :)

    I thought it might be fun with a small summary of the highlights in 2015, when I think back myself it feels like two years have passed and not just one haha. Here is a post with lots of what has happened in my career, but also a lot of private that otherwise ends up in the shadows here in the beauty blog!

    Hope you think it's a little fun reading, so here's a lazy day after-day;)

    ♥ New Year's Eve 2014
    Last New Year's Eve, I worked at Creative Make Up with Annika, I have done it the last few years and done New Year's make-up on a conveyor belt, so it was nothing different, but great fun as usual! We had decided just a week before that I would start with her one day a week from January, so I still had not started.

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    IMG_4528_111 - copy

    The same day I wrote a list of what I thought would happen in 2015, and it says "I will work one day a week at Annika, at least at the beginning of the year" haha, what if you had known that we would open a 360 sqm large salon and start a limited company together! :)

    Annika already came up with a business proposal that I also grabbed right away, we have not had time to start with it properly yet, but without revealing more, I think that next autumn will be more about it!

    ♥ Creative Make Up
    Just as planned, I started working at Creative Make Up on Thursdays, which I thought was a lot more fun than I actually expected! What I am most passionate about is the blog and testing products, but to alternate it with physical customers and get to shape nice eyebrows is the perfect combo :)

    The only thing that was missing was when I did makeup consultations, because it includes products, you only use things that you can buy later, and that was so often as I thought “oh how nice it would have been if I could add this product from my webshop”, gloMinerals is super good but there is quite a lot that does not exist. For example, when you had make-up customers with oily skin.

    ♥ The blog
    Otherwise, it was a calm start to the year, I had quite recently started with my flashes and my photo quality was incomparably much better! So I took lots of pictures, blogged a lot, and often worked from early morning until late at night. Miska and I got into really good routines, he went and worked at 6 in the morning so at 5 he made porridge or scrambled eggs and coffee, woke me up and then we had a cozy breakfast before we both started the day.

    I worked with the blog and the webshop all day until Miska came home at 5 pm, and if he went to a friend after work, I could work 06-22 without a break, to fix both the webshop and elaborate and many blog posts.

    So much fun, never gets tired! But when I think back on it, I understand that it is almost impossible to keep the same quality in the blog now that I also have a store to run. But there will be a change in that, the more help I get with other things the more time I will get to the blog again :)

    roiga hair pictures

    Among other things, I tried to be a little innovative in my poses, here I had just dyed my hair and wanted to take nice pictures. It went like this;)

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    roiga hair pictures - copy


    And did a lot of makeup too, step by step makeup almost every day:

    before-after makeup

    "Excuse me miss, you've got a little bit of face on your makeup there"

    Glamliv vs koskit and rice porridge
    Some parts of the year have been incredibly glamorous, I have been to a lot of events, including the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards, Finest Awards, and incredibly really fun press events with, among others, Make Up Store and Pür Minerals. Always just as fun and luxurious!

    At the same time as we live in a tiny studio in Gimo, where the living room has been both a bedroom and a photo studio, and the kitchen table has been both an office and a dressing table. We have been a lot with mom with the house full of cats and old stuff everywhere, and with grandma in the country with a lot of cow shit on the farm;)


    This is what I looked like at the Finest Awards :) The linen my friend Julia sewed!


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    Event with Pür Minerals.

    makeupstore event


    Event with Make Up Store


    And the next day I was with grandma and cuddled with the cows :)


    And when I myself would fix luxury at home and invite my sister to dinner, it was rosé wine and rice porridge in the apartment;)

    ♥ Car inspection
    Inspected my sister's car, it went like this:

    inspect the car

    First I was ashamed as I am both a bad driver and an everyday blower, and then I had to take the bus home haha.
    Wonderful summer
    When the summer came, it became a little calmer pace, and I who knew that it would be an intense autumn took the opportunity to rest a lot, which was really needed. Take the opportunity to gather strength before we got the keys to the room.

    ♥ Mille
    I became the aunt of another sweetie when Mille was born in June :)

    baby midsummer wreathMille was spicy on Midsummer's Eve haha :)

    ♥ Agreement with new business partner
    My summer horoscope said that July 2 was a good date to sign a contract with a new business partner, and guess what I did on July 2? ;) Then I, Miska and Annika wrote on the papers for our joint limited company By Her AB! It was also a thing that I wrote in my list on New Year's Eve, that Miska would quit her job and find a new one or start working with me, which I hoped for the most!

    ♥ In front of the sewing machine
    The summer was, despite many quiet days, a stressful period. Geez how hard it is to relax when you know that there is so much you have to decide and do in a very short time, while we could not get to grips with everything right away. We waited for the keys to the room and there were thousands of things to decide on everything, job interviews, meetings, bookkeeping problems and lots of such things.

    But what is most de-stressing for me is when I get the feeling to sew, turn on music, lock myself in my sewing room with my mother and be a little creative. And just sew simple things, so you do not have to think too much or get frustrated haha. You should be able to start and finish the same evening :)

    There were two trousers, a pair for Mille:

    sewing baby pants

    And a couple to Mila:

    mila-i-nya-byxor_111♥ Pool
    And what was most de-stressing was mom's pool and great company, gosh what fun we had in it!



    ♥ Access to the new premises
    On the 16th of August, you received the keys to the premises, we hired carpenters to renovate the customer toilet in the waiting room and build walls to get more treatment rooms. But putty and painting, Miska and I took on (with the help of wonderful Frida and my sister Mia) and together we painted the whole room. It's something I never do about haha. I thought we would be ready in a maximum of a week if we started and worked intensively, but I could never have imagined how long it would take!

    makeup artist uppsala

    In this picture we have just started, Miska pulls nails out of the walls :) It looks smooth in the picture because it is so light, but there were like billions of holes in the walls and the color was golden.

    ♥ Decorate the salon
    At the beginning of September, we still had not finished painting, and we would open the 25th. But as soon as we pulled the last brushstroke, we started and ordered furniture and then it rattled so we had everything in place and could put up shelves, products, mirrors and everything needed to be able to open.


    Here I sit and build a desk for my and Miska's office / makeup room :)

    ♥ September 25th
    And then came the day with a big D, the day we opened our joint salon Creative Makeup By Her!


    Between the 16th of August and the 25th of September, the entire salon was fixed, from before the summer not even knowing if we would get access to the room at all. Crazy! And I who at the beginning of the year thought I would only work with Annika for a few months. So sick :)

    Now I am 22 years old, an employer of three employees (one who works full time) and have AB and a 360 sqm salon together with Annika who won the Swedish Championships in makeup several years and is incomparably talented in permanent makeup.


    ♥ New Year's Eve 2015
    It is said that how New Year's Eve is shows how next year will be, and my New Year's morning started with me sitting at the breakfast table and cracking my ass in my favorite jeans haha. How to interpret it? But they are six years old so it was time for them to get tired of my ass now;)

    I worked at the salon and did New Year's make - up until 7 pm in the evening, then it was sleep over at my mother's with the sisters and their good children, so cozy! And this morning I woke up to coffee on the bed that Meja (8 years old) brought, and then my sister Malin cooked the world's tastiest (and fattest) breakfast - fried sandwich with fried sausage and fried egg haha. Wonderfully!

    How 2016 will be actually feels a little scary to think about, there is so much new going on and it feels like 2015 is the year when it all started while 2016 will be the year when everything really starts. So exciting!


    Hope you look forward to another year in the blog, filled with makeup inspiration, new products and a lot of entrepreneurship!


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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