New Year's tips - Do not forget the body!

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Excuse the slightly lightly dressed pictures in today's post, I have a tank top on but I have pulled down the shoulder straps so that you can see better what I have made up :)

What I was going to tell you about now is a thing I actually do every time I go away and have an outfit that is not so dressed up at the shoulders. I also do it everyday. But for those of you who do not do as much stuff as I do, it is an excellent New Year's tip when you want to spend a little more time fixing yourself!

I'm talking about not only putting make-up on the face, but also the neck, décolleté and shoulders! What I do is to sweep some glow powder on the areas that are more protruding, such as shoulders and collarbones, then the skin gets a really nice glow and you look like having such a healthy and nice skin that all models have :)

You can also use it on arms and legs if you are wearing a dress!


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A little difficult to capture in the picture, but do you see so nicely the shoulder and the collarbones capture the light? It's thanks to the lustrous powder, and in reality it's even nicer! Shines without being shimmery or glittery.

I have used Paese Glow Powder in shade 11. Costs SEK 139! The box is large so it is excellent enough even if you make up the body every time you use it, for the face only, it will probably never run out :)

11_53b543043807a - copy

I usually at times when I want to be a little extra nice, e.g. New Year's Eve also make up a little extra with foundation and sun powder:

1. Cover any blemishes, if you have on your back, ask someone for help.
2. Apply a little sun powder on the areas that are deep and get natural shadows, e.g. above and below the collarbones and sides of the neck.
3. Apply a glow powder to the protruding parts that reflect light, e.g. collarbones and shoulders.

IMG_72955 IMG_73011

Hope the tip was helpful!


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