Eyes that sit close / wide apart

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    If you want your eyes to look like they are sitting further apart than they do, you can put a light eye shadow on the inside of the eye, and a darker shadow on the outer edges.

    If the eyes should look like sitting denser, so you can instead do the opposite and put dark inside and light outside!

    This principle can be used in several ways, for example when laying eyeliner pen.

    In addition, eyebrows can make a big difference. If the eyebrows start close to each other, it gives the impression that the eyes are tighter as well, and vice versa.


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    Thought to illustrate this with two pictures, where I changed the eyeshadow!



    Upper picture - The eyes appear to be further apart.
    Bottom image - The eyes appear to be closer together.


    Here you also see how you can change a make-up if you are not satisfied. I did the lower make-up first, and then I just added light shimmery eye shadow on the inside of the eyelid, and a black one on the outer edges, it became the upper make-up!


    You will find today's make-up Imakeyousmile.se!

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