Organic concealer pen

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    There are a lot of product reviews from here in the blog now, I hope you like it! I have some news and I think it's better for you if all the posts come out pretty quickly, so you do not buy a product and then when a new post comes after a week you want to shop again. Now you get all the info at once and can buy everything you want right away :)

    Now I was going to show you how good Zuii Organic Concealer Pencil is! It is a concealer pen that is super easy to use, know that I got requests for it before as well, so it felt extra fun that I had it on g!

    These concealer pens are 100% natural and 95% organic.

    concealer pen

    Why is concealer good?
    When you are unmade up, you only see a lot of blemishes and irregularities in the skin tone and think "I need a lot of foundation!". But for as natural and sustainable (and economical!) A result as possible, you should strive for as little make-up as possible on the skin.

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    And what you see very clearly when you have applied concealer on the worst irregularities - is that the skin now actually became very smooth and fine despite very little makeup, and then you do not need as much foundation for a flawless result!

    What's good about concealer pens?
    I love working with concealer in pen form, it goes so fast and you do not have to mess with any brushes! I just dab on small dots on my face and then gently spread the color with my finger. The concealer sticks very well to blemishes and irregularities.

    Does it work under the eyes?
    It also works well to have under the eyes, the shade Fair is also a bit yellowed and neutralizes the blue. The precision of a pencil is super good if you have clear bags or recessed areas! Under the eyes, however, you should be a little careful so that you get a thin layer, it is easy to apply unnecessarily much on the thin skin.

    Should you have it before or after foundation?
    The texture is relatively creamy and should therefore be applied before foundation.

    zuii concealer pens

    Zuii Organic Concealer Pencil is available in four different shades, and I, who is still pale in winter, use fair and think it is great! A concealer does not have to be exactly like the skin tone, it can only be good if it is a little lighter.

    Contains among other things:
    Organic carnauba wax - Strong vegetable wax that is water-repellent and allows the skin to breathe.
    Organic beeswax - Moisturizes and gives the pen a wonderful texture.
    Organic sunflower oil - Protects, moisturizes the skin and keeps it both soft and supple. Rich in vitamins A and E and fatty acids.
    Organic safflower oil (herb) - Gives the concealer the natural colors.
    Organic Jojoba Oil - Has emollient properties and is quickly absorbed by the skin.


    Here you can clearly see the different shades!

    organic concealer

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    Difference huh? You look almost done with make-up, only the irregularities disappear :)

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey!
      I want to start by saying that you have an incredibly inspiring blog!
      Then I thought I would ask you if you have any good tips on a powder that you can have over your liquid foundation to get it a little more opaque and so that it stays in place? :) Did you think you had such a nice bass so would be grateful for answers!
      MVH Felicia

      • Thank you please, glad you like it! :) Well then I know exactly, Paese mattifying powder with argan oil provides some coverage and works well both to fix foundations and to slow down during the day.

        The powder contains, among other things, argan oil (nourishes and protects the skin against free radicals, and has an anti-aging effect), allantoin (moisturizes the skin and heals wounds and irritations) and zinc oxide (has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin). Costs SEK 149 and is available at - Maternity :)

        • Oh okay thank you so much for the tip !! Do you know how they are in the colors?
          I have now when it has been winter and you have not gotten so much sun quite so light skin, (warm tone) with a little yellow undertone. :)
          MVH Felicia

          • Then it sounds like the shade no. 2 suits you well, I use it, you can look at the pictures if you think you are much like me :) And if you are a little darker then choose 3, you are a little lighter as well as 1. It is still the foundation underneath that will give the most shade to the face so it is a bit just as important with the shade as it is with foundation. Hug!

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